Another Game-Changing Feature In Valorant Mobile Will Be Desired By PC Users.

Valorant Mobile

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Recently, a lot of information has emerged as VALORANT Mobile continues to be tested in specific regions.

Before this brand-new point, VALORANT players noted that the mobile edition of the game had attractive MVP animations that highlighted the best player in a match.

The situation has gotten worse once it was discovered that VALORANT Mobile contains practice maps loaded with AI-powered bots.

It is a fantastic feature that has never been included in the PC version of the game.

With this new mobile-only function, players may load up whatever map they like, fire up some bots, and practice as often as they like.

PC users are currently forced to make do with the original game’s severely limited practice mode, which has been a part of it since its release.

Gameplay clips from VALORANT Mobile’s testing have been leaked, showcasing ascent gameplay with bots. It makes reasonable that this new mode would feature all of the game’s maps even if it is the only one that has been shown thus far. Although it is purely speculative, there is a significant probability that a feature like this will eventually be included in the PC version of the game.

It seems that the practice mode also has some unique mechanics.

For instance, the road to the sites becomes accessible when the player successfully eliminates the bots.

It goes beyond pinging static targets in the typical VALORANT practice range, that much is certain.

This is the second exclusive feature that VALORANT Mobile has shown to have, which makes PC players jealous.

A brand-new set of MVP animations for VALORANT Mobile that was just leaked by the same sources recognizes the top player in any given match.

It offers unique animations for each Agent rather than just emphasizing the winner of a game with a simple card.


We can almost always expect to see VALOROUS mobile esports whenever the game is published on a worldwide scale.

Mobile esports games have grown in popularity over the past few years, and this trend is predicted to continue. For instance, PUBG Mobile’s release was a big success, and it is possible that the mobile version of the game has displaced the original in esports.

Again, all of this is just conjecture; not even the game’s release date has been determined.

Is it possible to play Valorant on mobile?

It will be similar to the PC Version, having different Agent Selection and Different Abilities to play with on the Maps. The game will be available for Both Android And IOS Users.

Can you log into Valorant on your phone?

You can sign in through the following methods: Android: Google Sign-In and Facebook Login.

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