Top 10 Best Sniper in COD Mobile 2023

DL Q33 gun - best sniper in COD Mobile

​Top 10 Best Snipers in COD Mobile 2023

If you want to get the greatest sniper guns for Call of Duty Mobile, look here. In this article, you can check out ten of the best snipers in COD Mobiles along with their optimum load-outs.

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1. DL Q33

The DL Q33 is vying for the title of best sniper weapon in Call of Duty Mobile.

It is crucial to understand that the DL Q33 is a type of bolt-action sniper rifle right away.

The most effective weapon in Call of Duty: Mobile is this one.

The DL Q33’s amazing single-shot performance is a result of its bolt-action construction.

One well-placed shot is all it takes to completely eliminate an enemy, and this feature alone accounts for the sniper rifle’s great popularity.

The best strategy for using the DL Q33 is to engage opponents at a considerable distance.

By combining the rifle’s remarkable high damage output and its capacity for long-range accuracy, you can produce an immensely powerful sniper weapon.

2. Rytec AMR

For sentinel players who want to secure headshot eliminations and are using a passive tactic, the Rytec AMR stands out as a fantastic choice.

Within a 60-meter radius, it deals 300 headshot damage and 120 damage to the upper chest and arm regions of the target.At a distance of 60 meters, this sniper rifle deals 262.5 headshot damage and 105 damage to the upper chest and arm.

In the world of battle royale, this sniper is very useful for players seeking one-shot kills, especially within the 60-meter range.

But since accuracy in your shots is so important, it’s the ideal option for a passive strategy.

The Rytec AMR has a mobility time of 480 milliseconds for aiming down sights (ADS) and a reload time of 2.35 seconds.

3. Locus

Another sniper, called The Locus, hunts at low altitudes without being detected by radar.

It is a fantastic option for people looking to get experience as a close-range sniper.

The Locus has a devastating damage output between 0 and 65 meters, dealing 209 teams of damage for headshots and 142.5 units of damage for upper chest hits.

The Locus still poses a threat at distances larger than 65 to 300 meters, where each shot causes severe 198 damage to the head and 135 damage to the upper chest.

One of its key advantages is its flexibility for close to the medium range due to its quick aiming capabilities and 460-millisecond low scoping time.

Similar to the ZRG 20mm, precision is crucial while shooting up close in order to avoid obtaining hit markers.

This sharpshooter possesses incredible agility, sprint speeds, and a 1.88-second reload time.

4. HDR

HDR gun image

Let us discuss the HDR, a different top-tier sniper weapon that can spark some discussion among players about where it ranks among the finest snipers in Call of Duty Mobile.

But our perspective is different.With its extraordinary qualities of increased damage, extended range, and incredible precision, the HDR has the power to impose unprecedented control over multiplayer games, especially when employed by skilled players.

Although the user’s understanding is crucial, the HDR’s true brilliance only becomes apparent when it is cleverly pairedwith the appropriate accessories.

You can play COD Mobile in rank to counteract all guns.

5. ZRG 20mm

The top-ranked sniper weapon in Call of Duty Mobile is the DL Q33.

It is crucial to stress that the DL Q33 is a member of the family of bolt-action sniper rifles right away.

The bolt-action design of the DL Q33 enables remarkable single-shot performance.

This identical attribute considerably contributes to the worldwide adoration for this specific sniper rifle because it only takes one well-placed shot to completely wipe out an opposition.

The DL Q33 works best when used to engage opponents at a wide distance.

You may create an incredibly potent sniper rifle by combining its ability for precise long-range targeting with its exceptionally high damage output.

6. Arctic.50

The Arctic.50 rifle provides 114.75 damage to the upper chest and 153 damage to the head at ranges between 0 and 60 meters.

This sniper weapon has a 60 meter range and deals 108 upper chest damage and 144 head damage.

The MIP Stopping Power Reload is frequently attached by users because of its relatively low damage output.

While accurate aim is crucial while using the Arctic.50 in multiplayer settings, an aggressive playstyle may be necessary.

A fully healthy opponent must be killed with at least three shots in the universe of Battle Royale.

The Aim Down Sight (ADS) time has a base of 440 milliseconds when it comes to mobility, but this time increases when a magazine is added.

7. Koshka

The Koshka is an effective sniper rifle with remarkable mobility and powerful lethality.

When shooting for the chest or higher, one well-placed shot will destroy adversaries, providing rapid and perfect targeting a significant edge.

It has a large magazine and impressively quick reloading capabilities.

8. Outlaw

Outlaw gun image

The Outlaw, a bolt-action sniper rifle, is renowned for its exceptional agility and lethal prowess.

Although it needs two shots to knock down an opponent’s midsection, it excels at securing rapid takedowns of the head and neck.

The Outlaw’s remarkable speed and firing rate make it a fantastic choice for quick and nimble sniping techniques.

9. XPR -50

Although it deals far less damage, it makes up for it by firing more frequently.

When fired at the head, one shot can kill an adversary. But it usually takes two to three tries to successfully target the body.

The gun is impressively accurate and mobile, enabling quick and nimble sniping while moving.

10. M21 EBR

The M21 EBR is a semi-automatic sniper rifle with a higher rate of fire and less lethal output.

While it is possible to kill opponents with a single headshot, it may take two to three shots to hit the body.

The M21 EBR is a versatile weapon with remarkable precision and a large range that may be employed in a number of situations.

These are some information on COD Mobile’s Best Sniper for 2023.

When playing COD Mobile, I hope you will utilize this page as a resource.

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Is Locus the best sniper in COD: Mobile?

The Locus is one of the most versatile snipers in COD: Mobile and its greatest advantage lies in moving around the map and taking aggressive peaks. Unlike the DLQ or the SVD, you don’t need to hold angles to get high output. So, there’s not much of a need to hide your position and remain undetected all the time.

Is locus better than dlq33?

Higher accuracy: Having higher accuracy allows DL Q33 to hit moving target much easier than Locus. Locus has more damage and also fire rate than DL Q33. Higher damage: Having higher damage allows Locus to to deal heavier damage.

Which is the best sniper in COD: Mobile tdm?

Top sniper rifles in COD Mobile
DL Q33. The DL Q33 has been around in the game since the beginning. …
Koshka. Just like the DL Q33, Koshka is a high-damage bolt-action sniper rifle that can slay opponents in one shot as long as the bullet doesn’t hit the legs. …
ZRG 20mm. …

What is the fastest shooting sniper in COD: Mobile?

Outlaw. The Outlaw has very high damage, good accuracy, and a fast fire rate. It is highly mobile and has the quickest scope among all the snipers in COD Mobile. The outlaw is faster than the Locus for quick scoping.

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