Can You Get Banned For Smurfing In Valorant? (2023)

Can You Get Banned For Smurfing In Valorant (2023)

Smurfs are an existing concept in any multiplayer, competitive game, and Valorant is no exception.

But what are the administrators and moderators of the game’s thoughts on this? Is it possible that this would result in a ban and account deletion?

Many people smurf with more experienced players, and the thought of losing their account bothers many of them. So, we’ll give you the answer down below.

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Can You Get Banned For Smurfing In Valorant? (2023)

Is it Prohibited to Smurf in Valorant?

The developers of Valorant recently reacted to a question from a player about the problem of smurfing in the game.

The makers of the shooter asserted that they were aware of the gamers’ displeasure even though they had only lately begun to understand the situation.

Riot Games asserts that fewer players than it would seem have numerous accounts.

The Valorant designers noted that they cannot currently engage in an active war with the Smurfs since many gamers create new profiles so they can compete with friends whose level is significantly different.

The shooter’s creators place a high priority on finding a fix for the smurfing problem concurrently.

Is Smurfing Bannable Valorant- Know Everything Here!

Is smurfing still a valuable bannable sport in 2023? In order to battle against weaker and more vulnerable opponents in order to rise in rankings, many players in Valorant use several accounts.

Additionally, some valiant players have been known to update their accounts in order to advance through the game’s stages.

However, according to the game’s developers, Riot Games are illegal and have been determined to be violating the guidelines and laws of the Valorant game.

Longtime smurfing and boosting advocates Valorant accounts should be banned, according to Riot Games.

Even though it hasn’t been formally included to the Riot Ganes and Valorant lists of rules and regulations, T&C, or both, smurfing shouldn’t be encouraged on Valorant or other multiplayer games either.

This is due to the fact that gaming is becoming less and less competitive and authorized.

Can you create multiple accounts in Valorant?

can you create multiple accounts in Valorant

To be more precise and honest, Riot Games will only catch big pro and experienced Valorant streams at first, thus one shouldn’t worry about Valorant’s smurfing and boosting just yet.

Smurfing in Valorant is not only against the law but is actively promoted, thus if you are caught doing it, the Riot Games administration may immediately cancel your account.

Any game is only competitive if it abides by the rules, smurfing laws, and codes of conduct set forth by the creators.

This is so that players may easily establish many accounts to smurf and play against weaker teams to raise their Valorant ranks and ing levels.

Smurfing is therefore absolutely forbidden in Valorant, according to Riot Games, the company that developed the game.

Additionally, they are aggressively working to ban accounts who boost and smurf on Valorant.

More on Smurfing in Valorant 2023!

Smurfing has never been allowed in Valorant, no matter the year, hence efforts to prohibit accounts that engage in smurfing should be welcomed and encouraged going forward.

Smurfing is in fact punishable on Valorant in any year, not just in 2023.

To promote the game’s competitiveness and equality for all players, as well as because such smurfing actions in the Valorant game completely obstruct the game’s free flow, smurfing should be forbidden by the Valorant and Riot Games teams.

In order to improve and increase competition in the gaming industry, all you aspiring and developing Valorant players should keep an eye out for all these practices, such as utilizing numerous accounts, boosting, and smurfing, and abstain from doing so.

It is safer to say that smurfing is/will/has always been forbidden in Valorant because Riot Games is on a smurfing spree and making headlines by reclaiming those illegal Valorant accounts that don’t adhere to the rules.

Smurfing in Valorant 2023!

Smurfing is categorically prohibited in the Valorant game and is time-limited. Play morally and change your Valorant rankings equitably to avoid being banned.

The rules of Valorant’s integrity must be followed, just like in any game.

Smurfing is therefore prohibited in order to increase rankings and easily fabricate Valorous points. Additionally, you must prevent from opening numerous fake Valorant accounts.

Always play lawfully moving forward to increase your ING and Valorant levels.

As always, Valorant reserves the right to cancel your account permanently and prohibit you from playing on Riot Games.

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Can riot ban you for smurfing?

Smurfing is technically not allowed in League of Legends — or any game. In Riot’s Support page on smurfing, the developer states that there are anti-smurf measures in place. If a smurfing player gets through this, they risk getting banned from the game and from tournaments.

Does riot detect Smurfs?

In an effort to prevent smurfs from passing themselves off as beginners while farming low-rank players, Riot Games is testing a new method to identify smurfs and promote them to where they belong in the ranks.

What is the punishment for smurfing?

Going forward, any main account that is found to be associated with a smurf account will get some kind of punishment, that can be as small as adjustments to your behavior score through to outright account bans.

Why is smurfing banned?

Smurfing is when players create alternate accounts for various purposes ranging from not playing with others at their current skill level to cheating or “to otherwise be toxic without consequence.”

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