Does Valorant Support Ultrawide? (2023)

Does Valorant Support Ultrawide (2023)

Playing an FPS game like Valorant on an ultrawide screen can make for some of the best gaming experiences. The 21:9 ratio could be a really unique experience for some people, but not for others.

Unfortunately, employing the previously described ratio could lead to some problems when playing Valorant in fullscreen mode. The most common problem is that black bars appear on your screen from overstretching.

If you are experiencing the same problem, don’t worry. We have the answers to fix the widespread issue with Valorant.

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Does Valorant Support Ultrawide? (2023)

Fixing Ultrawide Issue In Valorant

There are two simple ways to stop the screen from extending while playing Valorant on an Ultrawide screen. Let’s look at the answers provided below.

Scaling Mode Alteration Using Nvidia’s Control Panel

The Nvidia Control Panel is a fantastic tool that can be very useful in resolving issues like the dark bars you see in Valorant.

  1. Open Nvidia Control Panel.
Valorant 1

2. Go to Adjust desktop size and position.

3. Choose your Display.

4. Choose Full-screen on the second menu.

5. Set the Scaling to GPU.

Valorant 2

6. Turn on the checkbox next to “Override the scaling mode set by games or programs.”

7. Please don’t close the window just yet; instead, click Apply.

8. Open Valorant.

9. Go to Settings. Then browse the Video tab.

10. Select the same display.

11. Do not click on anything.

The black bars won’t come off your photo. After that, the settings can be saved. But, it’s crucial to remember that this technique can only be used with many monitors. If you are using an ultrawide screen, you can try this workaround.

Changing Resolutions

Use the techniques outlined below to get rid of the black bars on your single ultrawide display.

1.Verify that your Valorant is completely off before launching Nvidia Control Panel.

2. Set the resolution to 1920 x 1080 or a comparable size.

Valorant 3

3. After the resolution has been modified, open Valorant.

4. Go to Settings, then the Video tab.

5. Set the display mode to fullscreen windowed mode.

6. After choosing the resolution of 2560 x 1440, click Fill and then click Apply.

Valorant 4

7. Return to the Nvidia Control Panel and reset the resolution to 3440 x 1440, which is the default.

8. In order to save your changes and proceed to Valorant, click the Apply to button.

The indicated remedy can be used to remove the side black bars. But it’s best to remember that when you play, you’ll be using Windowed Fullscreen rather than fullscreen.

When utilizing Valorant’s fullscreen mode with a 21:9 resolution, the black bar issue will occur. There is no way to pass the bars in order to use the fullscreen option.

Fixing the Ultra-wide Issue for Widescreen Monitors in Valorant

You can very simply fix the over-extension problem on wide screens by going into the Valorant settings and slightly changing your graphics parameters.

The game quits the stretched system when the predefined Valorant Fullscreen resolution is changed to 2,560 x 1,440 16:10.

This gives you a clearer view of the game because the border isn’t interrupted by black bars.

You should now go back to your settings and enable “fill” and “window full screen.”

The game will then appear to be expanded but the black borders will vanish.

Finally, swap out “windowed full screen” for “full screen.”

Getting Stretched 4:3 Ratio in VALORANT

Since the game’s creators are fiercely against users adopting it, the 4:3 feature ratio is not included in Valorant.

But if you have an NVIDIA graphics card and are determined to play Valorant with a stretched screen, open the NVIDIA control panel and select “Display.”

Then go to “Adjust Desktop Size and Position,” choose “Full screen” under “Scaling,” and you should have figured out the trick.

However, choose the “Aspect Ratio” option if you also want a black border. If the first two options don’t work, select “GPU”.

How to Make Valorant Fullscreen?

To use Valorant’s full screen, you will first need to increase the resolution of your display.

To make these adjustments, you must open the “GameUserSettings.ini” file on your computer and make the required adjustments.

You can access this file by looking for suitable phrases on your local disk drive. Make sure The Valorant is installed on that drive in order to find this file.

After you’ve finished searching, the results ought to show up shortly.

After making the changes, you must save the file and launch the game again. This should fix the full-screen issue with Valorant.

Additionally, confirm that the most recent Valorant update is installed on your computer. Cheers to gaming!


When playing Riot’s competitive shooter on an Ultrawide monitor, many players frequently encounter black bars.

Regrettably, Riot Games chooses not to provide native Ultrawide support for consumers with Ultrawide monitors since they feel it could provide them a competitive advantage.

What aspect ratio is Valorant supported by?

Valorant is supported by 16:9 aspect ratio.

What are the disadvantages of ultrawide monitors?

One negative is that they take up a lot of place on your desk. Before purchasing any ultrawide monitors, you must first make sure that your desk is big enough to accommodate the superwide screen.

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