How To Get Rank Buddy In Valorant?

How to Get Rank Buddy in Valorant

Ranked players almost always have something to look forward to when they reach a high enough rank in a season, and the same is true for Valorant. Heroes get a rank buddy every season they compete in, and this buddy is always assigned based on their ranks. Since many players are ignorant of the subtleties of these small factors, we can be of assistance.

Playing in the placement matches during a Valorant season is all it takes to earn a rank friend for the season. When the season is over, you will have a rank friend based on your highest rank attained after finishing that. Unfortunately, there have been times when players haven’t received their rank buddies, but we also have a fix.

In Valorant, you will learn everything there is to know about rank buddies.

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How To Get Rank Buddy In Valorant?

Rank Buddies in Valorant: What Are They?

As most players know, gun buddies are purely ornamental items that players can put on their guns in Valorant. These small charms or trinkets hanging on the side of the player’s weapon add flair and customisation to their arsenal. For players who enjoy customizing and showcasing their individual flair with their weapons, gun buddies are a great feature even if they don’t alter gameplay or provide any in-game advantages.

There are many different themes and styles of gun friends, ranging from wacky and cute to serious and scary. Rank buddies are those that players can get by rising in the rankings over the course of a season. They can be acquired in a variety of methods.

How to Acquire Rank Buddies?

How to Acquire Rank Buddies

In Valorant, gaining rank allies is not too tough. Rank companions for the seasons in which you took part in every placement match will be awarded to you automatically. However, there are still a few things to be mindful of.

It can be beneficial to pay a professional level Valorant player from Eloking to play your placement matches for you in order to ensure you get off to a good start. Initially, the color rank friend you receive is determined by your rank throughout that particular season.

Moreover, it’s okay if your rating falls short of your highest one. Why is that? This is so because players receive rank friends based on the highest rank they were able to achieve throughout that season. For example, even if you finished the season with a bronze rank while having the greatest rank attainable, you will still earn a gold rank buddy.

To discover out how or when you acquire the rank friend, you will simply have to wait till the season is over. As soon as it occurs, you can find your rank buddy from the previous season in your inventory.

How to Equip Your Rank Buddy?

How to Equip Your Rank Buddy

Acquiring Valorant equipment for your rank comrades is an excellent method to boast about your advancement in the ranks. These buddies add a fashionable touch to your armory as they dangle from your weapon. To equip your rank allies, you need to:

  • Start Valorant first, then log in using your credentials. Once you’re in the main menu, click the “Collection” tab at the top of the screen. This will take you to your collection of various cosmetics, skins, sprays, and gun friends.
  • The Collection tab’s left side is divided into several categories. Locate and select the “Gun Buddies” category. This will display all of your gun mates that you currently own or have unlocked, including your rank buddies.
  • Go through the available gun friends until you choose one to equip. Click on each to view it in more depth and to see how it would look on your weapons.
  • Click the “Equip” button, located in the lower right corner of the item’s thumbnail, after choosing a rank buddy. Once you click, the rank friend will be added to your account immediately.

Alternatively, you can associate a certain weapon with a rank buddy. To see the “Buddies” section for a certain agent, navigate to the Collection’s “Agents” page. After that, you can choose the rank friend to equip for that particular agent.

Did Not Get Gun Buddy In Valorant?

You were excited to show off your new rank buddy after spending an entire season of valorous rating, but it’s not in your collection. If this is happening far after the season is over and you are positive that you took part in every placement match, don’t worry; you’re probably not the only one.

You see, players who have played the entire season and yet haven’t earned their rank mates have encountered this same scenario multiple times. Riot normally publishes a patch as soon as a bug like this one appears, so it’s probable that they are already developing a fix right now. All you have to do is cross your fingers and hope that the 0% update continues.

Therefore, all you’ll have to do to outfit your new rank buddy is wait for a patch to release. Playing with players that can compete at a professional level is the simplest way to win games and advance up the rankings. I hope you succeeded.

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How do you get rank buddies?

If you haven’t guessed it already, it is given to you in VALORANT at the end of an episode based on your greatest rank achieved during the Acts of the previous episode.

Do you need 9 wins to get a rank buddy?

Every tier has friends, and every episode has a unique collection of ranked friends. Players must win nine times in any one Act of that episode in order to obtain the gunbuddy that matches their rank.

How does the rank buddy system work in Valorant?

After an episode ends, you will receive a gun buddy, which is a reflection of the highest Act Rank badge you were able to obtain in that particular episode.

Where is my rank buddy?

To discover out how or when you acquire the rank friend, you’ll simply have to wait till the season is over. When it does, your rank friend from the previous season will be in your inventory.

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