How To Hide Rank In Valorant? (2023)

How To Hide Rank In Valorant

Riot Games honored and rewarded players for the amount of time they spent playing through all game modes in Valorant by introducing the account level feature in patch 3.0. Your account Player Card displays a level number that rises with more play time, based on how frequently you play.

However, Riot eventually found that displaying account level in Valorant was causing poisoning. “We’ve seen the feedback on account levels sometimes used as fuel to be toxic to another player (be it their rank-to-level ratio, or something else),” senior producer Naoise Creaven said in an August 2021 Ask Valorous developer update.

Along with a few other minor Account Leveling changes, we are aware of your concerns and are addressing them.

It will take a few patches to complete the work and release the update. You can, however, conceal your Account Level if you would prefer not to share it.”

Fans have received what they wanted from Valorant, as the feature to hide account level in the game has been enabled.

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What is Act Rank in VALORANT?

What is Act Rank in VALORANT

As opposed to other games that use Seasons to do this, VALORANT uses Acts and Episodes to specify the gaps between big releases.

Riot Games frequently starts a large patch with a VALORANT Act that introduces new Maps or Agents. Up to three Acts, each lasting up to two months, can be found in each Episode. All players’ ranks are reset as each Act comes to a close.

Your Act Rank, which is the highest match rank you obtained in the previous Act, is typically displayed as a badge on your Player Card in the pre-game loading screen.

How to hide rank in Valorant?

Players can stop their Valorous account level from appearing in-game by doing the following steps:

1.Choose the “Collection” tab from the menu at the top of the screen once the game has started.

2. Find “Player cards” in the top left corner of your screen, then click on it.

3. Go to the ‘Level limits’ tab, which is adjacent to ‘Banners’ under ‘Player Cards’.

4. Uncheck the “Show my account level on my player” checkbox next to the border you’ve selected right now. The player’s account level in Valorant will be shown if you uncheck this box.

Note that hiding your account level has absolutely no impact on how matchmaking or in-game function.

Riot has added extra features to lessen the toxicity of Valorant. Riot added a feature in Patch 1.07 that allows players to conceal their identities from those outside of their party, ensuring that other players only see the names of the agent they are playing. The Valorant Patch 3.0 altered the system to let users hide account information.

In order to hide the names of other players in their game who aren’t in their party, gamers can also swap their Riot ID with the name of the agent they are portraying.

Rank Privacy

Act Rank will let other players know if you’ve had a horrible season in VALORANT where you deranked numerous times in a single episode. There will certainly be times when you have horrible luck with your colleagues or endure extreme packet loss and ping, both of which will load your Act Rank with unfavorable rank colors, even though not all losses are actually your fault.

In these cases, it could be a good idea to keep your Act Rank a secret until you have healed and are able to focus on honing your gift for the upcoming Act. Simply adhere to the straightforward directions above to have your Act Rank removed from the pre-game loading screen.

How do I hide my account level in Valorant?

How to keep your account level hidden in VALORANT
1. Launch VALORANT.
2. Head to the “Collections” tab located at the top of your screen.
3. Click on the “Level Borders” tab.
4. Uncheck the box “Show my account level on my player card,” which is located on the bottom left side of your monitor.

How do I show my rank in Valorant?

Click on the drop down menu. on the left side of your screen to pick your rank. Then under the account tab you can pick your profile, title and leaderboard number. Friends will be able to see this, but it won’t show you up on the leaderboards.

Is there a ranked mode in Valorant?

VALORANT Ranks and Tiers. The ranking system includes nine divisions. Within each division are three tiers you must climb through to reach the next division. Well, except the last rank — which only has one tier.

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