These VALORANT Agents Are Using Strange Weapons Like Knives And Flamethrowers.

Valorant Agents

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Even though each agent in VALORANT has their own unique ability kit, players have begun to speculate what it may be like if they each also had their own signature weapon in addition to the same set of weaponry that anyone can purchase.

This immediately makes me think of Tour de Force and Chamber’s Headhunter. In essence, the Headhunter is a more powerful Sheriff with ADS mode and a one-shot headshot capabilities.

The Operator Tour De Force sets up a lethargic field after obtaining a kill. But how would the weapons of the other agents look?

One of the great concepts from the original image was the flamethrower notion for Phoenix, the agent who wields fire.

Because he already has a fire molly and wall, picture the fiery VALORANT duelist stomping around with a flamethrower to add some extra flavor and chaos to things.

He might use his flamethrower to burn the opponent.

A Super Soaker from the 1990s was another player’s perfect weapon for Harbor, the local water boy.

Harbor will surely shoot the opposition with a water gun.

That could apply to opponents who are drenched by his Soaker as well, as several of his water talents have a slowing effect.

Any VALORANT player who has previously engaged in water gun combat would definitely have fond recollections of the Super Soaker.

Others believe that Jett having other knives in addition to her Blade Storm Ultimate would be funny.

But to distinguish them from her Ultimate, she may be tossing regular kitchen knives with her bare hands.

Given how strong Jett’s Blade Storm can be in a round, it has the potential to be overpowering, but it would be fantastic to see her in her element with more knives at her disposal.

Honorable mentions also went to Astra’s star-powered laser, Omen’s shadow beam, and Gekko’s Wingman’s pistol.

Even if VALORANT would become more equivalent to Overwatch 2 with the addition of all these special agent weaponry, it is still an interesting concept to play around with.

What are the best agents on Valorant?

Jett, Raze, and Reyna are the best Valorant Duelists. Sage and Killjoy are the best Valorant Sentinels. Viper and Omen are the best Valorant Controllers. Fade and Sova are the best Valorant Initiators

What is the tallest agent?


Did you know, Breach is the tallest #VALORANT agent? Otherwise, Neon is the shortest

Who is Agent 21 VALORANT?

Varun Batra

Valorant Agent 21’s official name: Harbor

Riot Games Valorant’s 21st agent seemingly had a secret dev codename of ‘Varun Batra,’ but now we know his true identity as Harbor.

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