Where Are Valorant Servers Located?

Where are valorant servers located

The location of the play servers is an important aspect of the gameplay experience, especially in competitive online games like Valorant.

The server location determines the latency, or “ping,” that players feel, and it can significantly impact gameplay.

Where Are Valorant Servers Located?

The best possible experience for players in different areas is the aim of the deployment of Valorant servers across the globe.

Throughout Europe, the Bold servers can be found in Warsaw, Stockholm, Istanbul, London, and Warsaw. These servers cover much of Central Europe; Southern Europe is not as well covered.

One common criticism of Riot Games is that there are no servers in Portugal, Spain, or any other nearby location.

Six servers for Valorant are located in Portland, San Jose, Chicago, Ashburn, Atlanta, and Dallas in North America.

These servers provide extensive coverage due to their even dispersion around the region.

Players from Alaska or Canada must connect to Portland, Chicago, or Ashburn due to the unavailability of servers in Canada, which may result in higher ping times1.

South America’s Mexico City, Miami, and Santiago are home to the servers.

Despite Miami’s geographic location within the United States, the server actually serves the Latin American region.

Since these servers are the most widely distributed of all, users wishing to play Valorant or use an ISP in South America may have issues unless they are near Santiago.

The Miami and Mexico City servers’ close proximity to the size of the region is a significant issue for the Latin American Valorant community.


For the Brazilian region of Valorant, there is only one server, and it is located in Sao Paulo.

It is the smallest of Valorant’s five main regions, but it looks like there might be enough for one more server.

Since the Brazilian servers only display for accounts in the account region of Brazil, creating multiple accounts in that zone would block access to Valorant from another place.

Last but not least, the Oceanic nations of Asia are home to five server locations: Seoul, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Sydney.

The Seoul server in South Korea is largely utilized by players within the Korean region, and there is not much player crossover with other areas and servers.

Japan’s Tokyo is comparable in a few respects. Despite the fact that Singapore and Hong Kong are very far apart, there aren’t many server possibilities between Sydney and Singapore, especially given that Sydney is situated on the other side of Australia from Singapore.


Riot Games has distributed its Valorant servers globally to better serve its user base.

However, there are disparities in the distribution and some places are not as well covered as others.

This unequal coverage can degrade the quality of gaming due to variations in latency; Riot Games is striving to solve this issue as it expands and improves its server infrastructure.

Is there a Valorant Asia server?

Last but not least, the Oceanic nations of Asia are home to five server locations: Seoul, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Sydney. The South Korean Seoul server is almost exclusively utilized by people from the Korean region, with very little crossover with other areas and servers.

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