​COD Mobile With An Xbox One Controller Amazing Guide.

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​COD Mobile With An Xbox One Controller: Detailed Guide

First-person shooting games can be difficult, especially when played on a mobile device, and your aim will be totally messed up if your palms are sweaty.

Thankfully, you can now connect your Xbox One controller by following these simple steps:

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​1. Test Compatibility

Before you begin, make sure your Xbox One controller is compatible with your computer.

It is best to check simply to be safe, even if the majority of smartphones and tablets are enabled.

2. Attach the Control Device

You can activate your Xbox One controller by pressing the Xbox button.

Press and hold the sync button on the top of the controller once the Xbox logo begins to blink.

To pair the controller, pick Xbox Wireless Controller in your device’s Bluetooth settings.

3. Introduce COD Mobile.

Launch the COD Mobile app on your device and head to the settings menu once the main game screen has loaded. You may access it by tapping the gear icon in the top-right corner.

4. Access Control Settings

You must navigate through the settings menu to reach the “Controller” tab. To rapidly examine the controller settings, tap this tab.

​5. Enable Controller Support

To ensure that the Xbox One controller signals are correctly recognized by the game, turn on the “Enable Controller Support” option.

​6. Tweak Button Layout

COD Mobile provides a variety of controller configurations to suit various preferences.

Choose a layout that feels like a natural extension of your personality, or change the button assignments to achieve the ideal arrangement.

7. Customise Sensitivity Settings

To achieve a perfect aim, precision is needed, thus you must adjust your sensitivity settings.

By personalizing the trigger sensitivity and resistance of your thumbstick, you may fully immerse yourself in the experience.

​8. Test Your Configuration

After leaving the settings, engage in a brief game or training session.

Complete this stage if you want to feel at ease with your new controller setup.

Get to know your controller well, and do not be hesitant to make more adjustments if necessary.

​9. Discover Advanced Techniques

When you feel more confident, try using challenging approaches.

Practicing quick-scoping, drop-shooting, and jump-shooting could tip the scales in your favor during crucial encounters.

Improve Your Gameplay, and Aim

Since you have your Xbox One controller nearby, you are prepared to battle in the COD Mobile arena.

These activities have given you access to longer kill streaks, deft maneuvers, and—most importantly—unlimited amusement.

Can I use an Xbox one controller for Call of Duty Mobile?

Which controllers are supported in CoD: Mobile. You can use controllers for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series S and Series X to play CoD Mobile. iPhone users are also able to use a Nintendo Switch controller.

Why won’t my Xbox controller work on CoD Mobile?

To fix Call of Duty: Mobile controller not working, users should: Disconnect then reconnect the controller. Ensure the controller that is being used has enough charge in the battery. Should the controller not have enough battery the game will not be able to detect it.

Is CoD Mobile better with controller?

Playing CoD Mobile on a smartphone with virtual controls is not very convenient. Because you need to run, aim and shoot at the same time. It is much easier to fight with a mobile controller because hardware controls are just simply easier to use than touchscreens for an FPS

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