How To Choose A Blank Name In Call Of Duty Mobile (2023)

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How to Choose a Blank Name in Call of Duty Mobile

The process does need some fine-tuning because regular name changes in COD Mobile cost COD Points for rename cards.

By using unique copy and paste symbols, you can circumvent this restriction and obtain an anonymous identity for free.

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In Call of Duty Mobile, you can set a name to be invisible or blank by following these steps:

  1. In the top left corner of the screen, tap on your profile photo.

  2. Next to your current in-game name, click the pencil/edit icon. The name-change page is then displayed.

  3. Copy and paste these symbols into the name area with care:

Make sure to copy and paste the symbols without separating them with a space.

  1. A unique sequence that has not already been taken by another player can be found by

stacking up to 14 of these symbols and varying the order.

  1. Click the “Change” or “Confirm” button to finish the invisible name once you have a new set prepared.

  2. When you switch, the place where your name should be during games will simply be blank for your opponents to see.

  3. Create a COD Mobile account with Facebook as an alternative for new players to change your name once for free.

Important Notes:

1. In COD Mobile, name changes are only permitted once every three days. On your first try, carefully select your symbols.

2. To ensure that the name appears invisible, be sure to copy and paste the symbols correctly.

This method allows you to sneak into COD Mobile fights as a menacing force.

Have fun tricking opponents with your made-up blank identity!

Please make sure to properly follow the guidelines while claiming your incognito edge.

What is a good name for COD Mobile?

Cool CODM names for COD Mobile players 2023 with special characters.

How do you make a cool name on COD Mobile?

The best method to use when you are trying to create a unique and stylish name in COD Mobile is to examine yourself and think of a name which depicts your playstyle. The other way to choose a cool IGN (or in-game name) is to use trending, comical or sarcastic keywords.

How do you add symbols to your name on COD Mobile?

In order to add special symbols to in-game names, COD Mobile players will have to visit websites like,, and, as regular keyboards do not have them. Step 1: Open any of the websites mentioned above. Step 2: A wide variety of symbols will appear.

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