Brilliant Jett Trick In Valorant Counters Her Big Nerf In New Patch.

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Jett’s Cloudbursts have been put to good usage by a Valorant player, especially in light of the outrageous nerf she got in the 7.04 patch.

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Out of all the new features and tweaks that the Valorant 7.04 patch offered, Jett’s nerf caused the greatest uproar among the player population.

She can now utilize a single updraft, and her smokes now only last 2.5 seconds instead of 4.5, so she can no longer use double updraft Blade Storm tricks.

Due to the shorter duration of smokes, players are unable to stick to defuse the spike to half within them.

The Agent’s smokes can now be used in a different method, according to one player. Like in the past, players can now defuse the spike to half, but with a new twist.

​It is necessary to walk in order to minimize Jett’s smokes, Valorant Counters.

As you defuse half, you can toss your smoke into the air and bend it downward to shield you.

The fog arrives on the player at the ideal moment, allowing them plenty of time to cut the spike in half.

Simply raise your mouse, release a Cloudburst into the air, and then budge it gently downward.

The opponent will then be unable to see you since the smoke will fall straight on you as you take a seat to deactivate the spike.

A brave content creator uploaded the video and asked, FNATIC video editor about to become VALOROUS assistant coach for next year, what is this?

Fnatic’s head coach Mini tweeted in response, new head coach apparently.

Now that Jett has been nerfed, players who still wish to play as the Agent will need to use some sneaky tactics to surprise their opponents.

Simply having this type of awareness offers you an advantage, particularly when winning a round is improbable.

What Nerf did Jett get?

The Agent’s nerfs include, among other important changes to her kit, a decrease in the duration of her smoke and the amount of time she can dash. The community has predicted that these changes will completely ruin the Agent, and as a result, many expect her pick rate to drop.

When was the Jett Dash Nerf?

Although Jett has regularly been one of Valorant’s top agents, her enthusiasm has been tempered by the most recent game patch. Using Agent Fade as a sacrifice, patch 4.08 boosts Neon while weakening the dualist Agent. The fix was released on Wednesday, just in time for the game’s new Act.

Who is faster Jett or neon?

The only agent who can discreetly climb from enhanced locations is Jett, who is also the quickest agent. She can quickly throw three Cloudburst smokes in front of her, each one highly potent.

Who is better Raze or Jett?

It is generally agreed that Raze is superior to Fracture and Bind whereas Jett is superior to Pearl, Icebox, and Ascent.

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