​4 Tricks Playing On Sunset In VALORANT Game.

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4 Tricks Playing On Sunset In VALORANT Game

The close proximity of the spawn barriers may lead to immediate battles for dominance of the map.

The mid region can be accessed in a number of different ways, making both protecting and attacking it interesting.

The plant areas at both locations are precisely square, but the B site sticks out since it has a large pillar in the centre that takes some moving.

You might be reluctant to join the Sunset queue when you first launch a new act if others have already amassed some experience.

We are here to let you in on some tips and strategies for playing Sunset.

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1. Hug being a rat

There are countless cracks that rookie, developing, and even some seasoned players frequently overlook.

In locations like A Elbow and Mid Tiles, there are numerous built-in corners to clear, and there are numerous boxes that protrude from the walls that people can hide behind.

So take pleasure in being a rat on Sunset. Play an agent like Chamber or Reyna who can grab an initial kill and flee danger for nothing if you want to be very cheeky and rude.

Take use of these corners to score early kills. However, keep in mind that your rivals may be equally shoddy and are likely to be, so make sure you are thoroughly scrutinizing corners. Also bring your Judge.

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2. Take medium control

Mid is where the map’s center is located. This concept has been employed in maps before in VALORANT, but Sunset makes it feel especially substantial.

Mid provides a direct route in the B Market that works well for executions that lead to a B split.

Intriguingly, bottom Mid, or the attacker side of Mid, has a green-roof shed that may be used by a Sage wall or Jett Updraft to look directly into Mid and view the defender side.

Any side should smoke off the key chokepoint of the other side as the first move of the round.

You can’t afford to give Mid control up early. If you lose Mid control while attacking, the defenders will quickly find you.

If you give up Mid control on defense, your other defenders will now need to cover additional angles because the attackers can now pretty much arrive from wherever.

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3. Load up on the site B

The B site at Sunset has an astonishingly simple layout that is ideal for controllers to smoke off.

As a result, the assaulting side can set up plants on the attacker-friendly portion of the site swiftly before moving to B Main to play post-plants.

There are a lot of places to hide, but I think A site has a lot more angles that are advantageous to defenders.

Up until the attackers have already passed through A Alley to the defending spawn, retaking on A also appears to be considerably simpler.

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4. Bring Harbor or Viper or both

Because of their superior wall cover abilities, Harbor and Viper are clearly better choices than the other controllers on Sunset because Omen and Brimstone’s smokes cannot completely cover key crucial chokepoints.

In the first Sunset sight, which took held in secret in the Riot Games Arena, professional players immediately partitioned off the B site and repeatedly took it.

What agents are good on sunset?

The best agents that can help fill in some of the blanks in a team composition on Sunset are Raze, Yoru, Killjoy, Chamber, Omen, and Skye.

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