Ben Affleck seems extremely dissatisfied with the Valorant nerfs.

Valorant Nerfs Image

The former Batman, who doesn’t sound happy about it, hasn’t been delighted with the nerfed assassin Jett from Riot Games.

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Valorant Nerfs

Patch 7.04, which Riot Games released on August 29 and which includes a substantial number of game-altering changes, alterations, and upgrades.

The patch also makes a lot of adjustments to the Breeze map that substantially shift its sightlines, in addition to adding a new map named Sunset that is allegedly situated in the studio’s hometown of Los Angeles.

But hidden away in the notes are some—dare I say—harmful modifications to a number of Valorant’s Agents.

With how drastically one of them, Jett, has been changed, even the previous Batman is not pleased.

At the Valorant Champions Tour, an esports event that took place in Los Angeles from August 6 to 26, Affleck chatted with Shannon Williams, who voices Jett. Affleck said, “Yeah, then they nerfed Jett.” That is the problem.

The South Korean wind assassin Jett’s vulnerability has increased since the launch of game patch 7.04, which disappoints Bruce Wayne.

Tailwind, Jett’s forward-moving mobility ability, has a wider starting window but covers less ground.

The projectile Cloudburst, which effectively serves the same function as a smoke grenade, does not obstruct vision for nearly as long.

The movement talent Updraft allows Jett to fly into the air, however it can only be used once.

Last but not least, instead of requiring seven points, her ultimate talent, Blade Storm, which summons flinging blades, now requires eight points.

All of Jett’s abilities now take a little bit longer to utilize because her entire toolset has been changed.

Valorant Nerfs Image

In the blog post presenting the patch notes, community manager Jo-ellen “Riot Joellen” Aragon stated that Jett “often gets more reliable power windows and generous tuning than other Duelists.

The Riot Games team thought that the assassin needs to be de-emphasized a bit.

Aragon believes that Jett may become a more aggressive, high accuracy duelist by intentionally using her abilities and power windows.

We intend to retain her unique ability to burst through chokes and surge onto sites, while reducing her defensive power-holding angles and her capability to reactively repair tactical errors with her diversity of fast cast abilities.

We believe that these changes preserve Jett’s unique role and fantasy on the Valorant roster while bringing his overall power level and place in the tactical cycle into line with those of our other Agents.

Despite the fact that Jett frequently places in the S-tier category on numerous ranking lists, the Valorant community is simultaneously praising and criticizing the upgrades to her kit.

Divided among the Redditors. While some have questioned Riot Games’ decision to drastically weaken Jett, others have praised the group for wiping out the character.

Additionally split are the users of X (formerly known as Twitter), who post stuff like “RIP JETT” or criticize how OP she still is.

Ben Affleck is not the only person who has been impacted by the nerfs, although according to Williams’ Instagram post from August 28 that person is a KAY main.

Not only was Ben Affleck present at the most recent esports event, but he also reportedly plays Valorant quite a bit. Twitter’s owner Elon Musk attended as well, but he was not really welcomed.

How did killjoy get nerfed?

The Agent’s Turret had its health reduced from 125 to 100 and its ultimate ability’s point cost increased by one. In the patch notes, Riot said it made these changes due to Killjoy becoming the “premier Sentinel Agent in the game” after it had nerfed Chamber extensively.

Why did Jett get nerf?

As stated by Riot’s agent designers, the goal of the change is to bring Jett more in line with the game’s core tactical gameplay loop. They argued that her ability to dash in and out of trouble instantly made the agent’s playstyle too reactive, especially compared to the more deliberate pace of the rest of the game.

What is Raze Nerf?

Professional players and coaches expressed some confusion online as the Raze nerfs seemed unnecessary in their eyes. The only change that hit Raze was to her Boom Bot, which is used to scout ahead and clear corners. 

What is the nerf on Jett?

The nerf on Jett’s Tailwind means that she’ll be unable to dash out of sticky situations unless she pre-emptively uses her Tailwind before an engagement.

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