Is Safe Valorant?

Is Safe Valorant

On, users may view a wide range of information, including match history, weapon usage percentage, agent pick rate, and much more. However, a few users have voiced concerns regarding the security of the website, alleging that it contains risky adverts that could lead to phishing.

Online gaming has been more and more popular in recent years because to the increased popularity of competitive games like Valorant.

Users have developed an addiction to third-party websites that provide them with extensive performance data when playing these games since the games’ release.

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Is Safe Valorant?

Concerns regarding the security of were voiced by Reddit member ThrowRA2468 due to the website’s acceptance of malware ads.

This post on the official Valorant subreddit has received over 1.2k likes, and many people are sharing their experiences using and encountering malware ads.

For many users, this raises a serious question: is secure?

It seems that the answer to this question is no, as several users have reported seeing dubious adverts while browsing the website. vs. Overwolf

Using’s analytics system with Overwolf, an app with a questionable reputation in the gaming community, is another thing that turns people off.

Some users have even called Overwolf users “cheaters”.

Among other in-game features, users can access supplementary stats and in-game overlays by using a third-party tool called Overwolf.

Because users are aware that the app collects user data, their concerns over their privacy have increased.

In addition, Overwolf’s reputation among players is controversial because of previous links to malicious behavior.

Why Ignoring Malicious Ads Is Important

Many people are able to identify deceptive adverts because they are not new to the internet.

On websites like, malicious adverts pose a threat to younger users who may not have the necessary internet navigation skills.

These adverts can be linked to phishing attempts, which trick people into disclosing private information or downloading harmful software.

Malicious malware can spread through malicious adverts, gravely impairing a user’s computer or compromising their data.

An User’s Assessment of Malicious Ads and

Even though several users had claimed to have seen harmful adverts on the Tracker website, one user decided to confirm whether the website was indeed showing them.

The user tested the website on Firefox, Chrome, and Edge in both normal mode and with and without an ad blocker.

They also assessed the website using a virtual PC running Windows 11 Sandbox.

After conducting several tests, the user found that did not include any malicious advertising.

They speculated that the adverts some users were seeing might have been caused by malware or adware on their computers, as opposed to the website itself.


Brave players utilize, a well-known website that provides helpful data that isn’t accessible through the in-game client.

However, several users of the website have claimed to have seen bogus adverts, which begs concerns about the service’s security.

Despite these concerns, one user evaluated the website, and found no evidence of fraudulent ads. The adverts that some consumers saw were most likely caused by spyware or adware on their PCs.

When visiting third-party websites, users should, therefore, always exercise caution and take the necessary precautions, such upgrading their antivirus software and utilizing an ad blocker.

What is

Using the website, you can keep an eye on your gaming progress and data across multiple games. On the dashboard it provides, you may see your gameplay data, such as your win/loss ratio, kills/deaths ratio, and other relevant metrics.

Is free to use?

It is free to use, yes. You may create an account and start tracking your gaming progress and analytics without having to pay any money.

How accurate is the data on

While most of the data on is accurate, there may occasionally be discrepancies due to factors like game updates, server issues, or API limitations. Still, strives to provide the most up-to-date and accurate information possible.

Which games are supported by supports a large number of popular games, including Apex Legends, Call of Duty, Fortnite, Rainbow Six Siege, Valorant, and others. Go to the website to see the full list of games that are supported.

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