How To Copy Someone’s Crosshair In Valorant? (2023)

How To Copy Someone's Crosshair In Valorant (2023)

Since the game’s release in 2020, Riot Games and the VALORANT development team have added the wonderful capability to replicate a crosshair, making it much easier for players to acquire the crosshairs they desire instead of having to futilely attempt to duplicate them.

The best thing is how simple it is to put into practice as well!

Before the advent of this feature, you had to either manually enter each parameter into your crosshair profile in VALORANT or ask someone for their crosshair settings or find one online.

You should be able to replicate a crosshair, though.

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In a game of VALORANT, the method is so quick and simple that you can finish it nine out of ten times before the next round starts! Follow these simple steps to obtain any crosshair you see.

Keep in mind that the crosshair-copying command may only be used if both the teammate whose crosshair you want to copy and yourself are still alive.

1.Make a crosshair profile for the crosshair you want to mimic.

2. Make sure the teammate whose crosshair you want to replicate is looking at you before moving on.

3. Enter the command “/cc” or “/crosshair copy” into your chat box.

All there is to it is that. Select the crosshair profile you just witnessed your colleague using by going into settings.

That crosshair is now mounted and ready for usage.



What happens if you have the incredible crosshair and someone else wants it, whether they are friends, coworkers, or even others in your line?

Only your personalized crosshair needs to be shared with them; not each and every configuration.

1.From your settings, choose the crosshair profile you want to share.

2. Ensure that you click the “Export Crosshair Code” button (not the one with the downward arrow).

3. Copy the crosshair code and paste it into the game chat window, Discord, or any other chat window you are using.

To import crosshair code, simply create your own crosshair profile, give it your name, and click the “Import Crosshair Code” button (this time it’s the down arrow). I’m done now.

The two of you can then modify the crosshair to make any required corrections if something is slightly out of place.

Because not everyone wants to use the exact same crosshair, especially when simulating crosshairs from professional players, this is immensely beneficial.

Have fun and play around with them! Both Sinatraa’s and Tarik’s crosshairs may have characteristics that you love even if you don’t like them.

How do you copy and paste a crosshair in Valo?

Steps to copy crosshair in Valorant
1. Tap enter to open your chat box.
2. Type “/crosshair copy” into chat.
3. If you are incredibly low on time try “/cc” before clicking on the import option.

What is the copy code for crosshair Valorant?

Type “/crosshair copy” or “/cc” in your chat box.

How do I copy my pro Valorant crosshair?

Once you find the crosshair you want to copy, press enter to open the in-game chat. Now, type the Valorant command “/crosshair copy” and press enter. You can also type “/cc” to do the same thing faster.

How do I import a crosshair into Tenz?

1. Open Settings from the main menu and navigate to the ‘Crosshair’ section.
2. Look for the download icon in the menu, it displays the ‘Import Profile code’ option.
3. Click the icon, paste the crosshair profile code above, and click on import.
4. You will get a new profile with the crosshair on it.

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