How To Get Thrifty In Valorant? (2023)

How To Get Thrifty In Valorant

If you want to be the best player in the hottest first-person shooter games out there, you have to know the lingo.

VALORANT contains a full world of uncommon language that you must learn before you can conquer the game. Among those concepts is thrifty, but what exactly does that mean?

VALORANT may seem scary to a novice player wearing a bulletproof vest and a fresh face, but that’s exactly why we’re here.

In this article, we’ll define Thrifty, discuss its significance, and show you how to get one during your save rounds.

How To Get Thrifty In Valorant

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In VALORANT, Thrifty, a team’s victory indicates that they utilized fewer credits than their opponents.

To get a Thrifty commendation, the winning team must spend less than 2500 credits in the round. In this kind of “eco” play, thrifty teams usually win when they have excellent tactics, consistent aim, and less expensive weapons like shotguns and SMGs.

This well-known VALORANT statement may either appear at the end of a Thrifty round as a recommended strategy, or it will appear in team conversation (see image below).


That’s it in a nutshell, yet the conversation is far from ended.

Therefore, a team wins a Thrifty round by using a loadout that is worth fewer credits than the other team’s.

Nevertheless, why would you want to accept this challenge? Agent, please read on.

THRIFTY: WHY TRY TO ACHIEVE THIS? – Disassembling the plan

At first glance, it appears to be an odd target. Not for a long time.

For a beginner, the idea of a “eco” round could be unfamiliar. But when you rise in rank and begin to play competitive games, you’ll quickly find that a strong team economics is a prerequisite for any successful strategy in ranked VALORANT battles.

Prudent credit use is essential to the long-term success of your team.

Now let’s perform a beautiful, simple breakdown for the total newbie.

VALORANT: A tactical shooter

To avoid losing every game when playing VALORANT, strategy is essential. And understanding how to use in-game credits (often referred to as “Creds”) is a crucial part of such tactics.

In Competitive and Unrated games, you can acquire better weaponry by buying them between rounds.

This does imply that neither you nor your opponents will enter the game with the most powerful weaponry.

Phantoms won’t attack you from every angle right away as a result.

Keep in mind that in VALORANT more powerful weapons don’t always prevail and that other factors also play a role.

Credits don’t grow on trees

For each round you win, you are awarded Creds. Depending on how well you and your team performed in the prior round, your pay will change.

You are not forced to use up all of your Creds between each round. In order to later unlock the most potent weapons, teams frequently choose to save some Creds.

This is where the logic of Thrifty applies.

Why waste your Creds on equipment that is just marginally effective when you can roll over your credits into the next round and use them on superior weaponry that boost your overall chances of winning?

Winning warfare 101

And if that’s not all that enticing, just think of the horrible effect that beating them with simple equipment will undoubtedly have on all but the most fearsome teams!

It’s the tried-and-true tactic of war: admit defeat in one encounter to get the upper hand in another.

But we don’t give up on this; it’s crucial. What we (Thrifty) do is “save rounds”.

When a team is struggling on Creds, the in-chat command “save” is regularly used.

Instead of using a bigger ammo clip, armor-piercing bullets, or stronger shields, the Thrifty squad will try to win for the least amount of money possible (“get a Thrifty”) by adept shooting and tough teamwork.

The tactic is still useful even if you lose because Thrifty is only awarded to the team that uses it to win the round.

because you’ll come back the next time with a vengeance (and stronger weaponry).

Thrifty rounds are unquestionably difficult to win.

Particularly considering that the other team may see your credentials and may be aware of your site camping or use of shotgun save-round strategies.

Still, getting a Thrifty is an essential part of the game. Any team’s chances of winning can be greatly increased by strategically allocating their credits.

Winning warfare 101


“Guys, go cheap the next round?”

You know the right strategy, but how can you actually get a Thrifty?

First of all, remember that no one ever wins every round of saving. It’s not necessary to win the round in order to get a Thrifty praise for being frugal.

Generally speaking, it takes a combination of precise shooting, precise coordination, and a sound strategy to outmaneuver a team equipped with more powerful weapons.

Best Thrifty strategies

Here are some methods for getting a Thrifty commendation that have worked:

  • Play defense and set up camp on your side of the map. This is an excellent tactic to frag (kill) aggressive hostile agents and rack up a sizable kill count.

  • Stack at a single Spike position. Alternately, gather around and focus on just one bomb site. The stakes could be very large, yet the play is high-risk with an unknown outcome.

  • Present a cohesive front to your adversaries to defeat them. Your team should be organized to rush one spot or defend one side, and they should always stick together. Whether you are defending yourself or attacking, this tactic works.

  • Scoop the loot. Put another way, always pick up the weapons that your squad destroys and drops. Your credit spend management and economics will both greatly benefit from this.

Whichever strategy you choose, it’s usually best to avoid using an aggressive one. Being tactical is always the greatest strategy to win a Thrifty round.

Top weapons for Thrifty rounds

The ideal gun for a Thrifty round is always the least expensive one that you feel most comfortable shooting.

But you came here looking for more detailed advice than that. As such, you should focus your goals for your upcoming save round on these great suggestions:


Sheriff: With a one-shot headshot range of up to 30 meters, for only 800 credits, a respectable replacement for the Vandal!

The Spectre

The Spectre: is a powerful weapon while costing less than the Phantom (1600 Creds).

The Marshal

The Marshal: is a less vicious sniper than the Operator, but it will only set you back 1100 credits and offers faster movement and better no-scope accuracy.


Bucky: is a solid shotgun option for a Thrifty round; At 900 credits, however, be wary of the awful bullet spread and be ready to play point-blank executioner.


Shorty: The Shorty is still a popular hybrid shotgun-handgun and one of the least priced weapons at just 300 credits, even after a recent nerf. The idea here is to get a kill and hopefully take out your opponent’s firearm.

What is thrifty in Valorant?

Thrifty. Thrifty is when you won a round spending less money than other team. Time-out. A thirty-second break between rounds that allow for both teams to communicate with their coaches

What is considered an ace in Valorant?

Ace. When one player gets all five kills in a round, they get an ace. Often you see the other teammates back off to let them get the ace, rather than let someone else get the kill.

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