The New Coming Valorant Agent Is One For The Ego-Fraggers.

The final new character of 2023 and a Duelist who excels at stomping past opponents to get a clean ace, Riot Games teases its next Valorous agent.

New Coming Valorant Agent Image

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New Coming Valorant Agent

Riot Games has revealed that the next Valorant agent is anticipated to be a Duelist, giving fans a tantalizing preview of what to anticipate from the game’s last 2023 addition.

As the team evaluates its most recent pair of agents and the welcome they received from the locals, it provides us a glimpse of who will be coming up next.

Riot Games, the developer of Valorant, looks back on the year in new agents as 2023 enters its last quarter and gives us a preview of what the year’s final newcomer can do.

If you excel at the “shooting” component of this intense first-person shooter game and prefer Valor agents that let you blast off in style, it appears that you are in luck.

Many of you ego-fraggers have been requesting a new Duelist ever since our last Duelist, Neon, joined the roster over two years ago, according to Riot Games.

The fundamental focus of the team-based tactical shooter Valorant is great gunplay.

For some of you, that entails utilizing aim trainers for hours to click those orbs in order to complete that perfect 5K and battle against opponents like pro player Jinggg.

That agent’s successor is for you.

The Valorous team Paper Rex player Wang ‘Jinggg’ Jing Jie is known for his precise shooting.

He routinely hits spectacular aces that give his team victories.

He is from Singapore, which may shed some light on our newest agent’s ancestry.

A picture of a person eating from a delectable platter of hot food with chopsticks provides us with one more piece of information.

Riot hints that we also have a small twist that you never imagined would appear in Valorant.

They don’t give any further suggestions other than to say, “Some of you may have been dreaming in the right direction.”

We have heard that many of you are feeling that her addition to the Sentinel roster is a bit weak at the moment, the developer writes in Deadlock.

Initiator Gekko and his army of cute companions have received favorable reviews, which makes us glad.

We are keeping an eye out for equipment upgrades that we can make to Deadlock so she can become a Sentinel with better quick-response skills.

Remember that if you have a PC Game Pass subscription, you will have day one access to whoever Microsoft selects as the next agent as well as 20% match XP that applies to battle pass and event content.

Since our advancing Duelist will put your aim to the test, make sure you are sporting the greatest Valorant crosshair codes to help you nail those clutch headshots.

Watch for the upcoming dates of the valiant night market while you wait. You’ll look fantastic while doing it.

Who is the next new Valorant agent?

There will be two new VALORANT agents in 2023 – One Sentinel and a Duelist. There’s not much new information on the new Sentinel but one of its abilities might be able to displace you and pull you closer.

Is there an upcoming agent in Valorant?

The other Agent who will be added to the roster in 2023 is a Duelist. Currently, there are only six Duelists in the game.

Who is the new Valorant Agent 2023?

Deadlock is Agent 23 in VALORANT, set to join the ever-growing roster when Episode 7 Act 1 drops on June 28. Deadlock is a female Sentinel agent from Norway that thrives in the cold wilderness thanks to her traps and hunting prowess.

Is there a new Valorant agent 2023?

Riot Games’ John Goscicki has confirmed the studio’s plans for three new Valorant characters to be released in 2023, announcing a new Initiator, a new Sentinel, and a third not yet described agent.

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