Valorant Update 7.07 Patch Notes: Competitive Changes, Haven Adjustments, And More

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Valorant Update 7.07 Patch Notes

With the heroic patch 7.07 update, the rank restriction has been removed along with a number of other gameplay and performance enhancements. You can find the Valorant version 7.07 patch notes here.

In the release of Valorant patch 7.07, Riot Games reversed the competitive adjustments they had made in patch 7.06. As a result, players will no longer experience restrictions when queuing with players of different rankings.

Valorant Update 7.07 Patch Notes

Riot added multithreaded rendering as well in order to boost performance. The whole contents of the Valorant patch 7.07 update are listed below.

Valorant update 7.07 patch notes

With Valorant version 7.07, Riot has altered the destruction visual effects for the garage’s destructible door panels. This should make it easier to look through as it disappears.

Additionally, due to performance enhancements, multithreaded rendering for discrete Intel GPUs is now possible with a lower minimum CPU core need.

The five stack rank restrictions that Riot imposed in Patch 7.06 are also being removed. We get the value of playing with pals and the need for freedom to do so, according to the developers. They initially made the adjustment to prevent people from abusing their positions to promote their careers.

Last but not least, as with every single patch release, a number of bugs have been addressed and fixed. Here are all of Riot Games’ patch notes for Valorant 7.07.

Competitive updates

After considering your feedback, we have decided to remove the recent rank restriction that was imposed on stacks of five that was added in Patch 7.06. We understand how important it is to play with your pals and how adaptable you need to be in order to do so.

To prevent people from unfairly rising to the highest levels, like Radiant, the rank restriction was initially introduced. We ultimately came to the decision that the flexibility of your 5 stack was more important than the incredibly small number of people who were abusing this vulnerability.

We are working on an appropriate long-term solution that won’t obstruct your ability to play with friends in a competitive environment, even if we continue to believe that boosting threatens the integrity of competition.

Map Updates


The Mid Doors/Garage’s destructible door panels now have improved destruction visual effects that make it easier to see through as it crumbles away.

Performance Updates

Less CPU cores were needed and discrete Intel GPUs could now render in multiple threads.

Bug Fixes


Patch 7.06 fixed a problem that occasionally allowed the game to output surround sound even if the surround mix was not supported or tried out. VALORANT currently only supports stereo and mono sound output.

We provide a HRTF setting to simulate surround sound on headphones. We do not recommend using the HRTF option in-game and other surround sound virtualization software simultaneously because doing so would cause double processing.

Other surround sound virtualization applications cannot produce surround sound information from the stereo mix.


  • Cypher
  • After completing Neural Theft (X), Cypher can still perish and still succeed.
  • The ability to observe a flash through Cypher’s Spycam (E) as the round came to an end while still blinded has been corrected.
  • Gekko
  • Dizzy’s (E) opponent detection range is now precisely reduced while inside Viper’s Pit (X).


  • Fixed an issue where the Attacker team won the overtime vote over the Defender team.
  • A second timer bar that would appear following the conclusion of the “Choose Side” vote has been rectified.
  • There was a bug that caused some situations to result in repeated Overtime Priority votes in the round.

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