The Minima 2.0 Bundle Will Arrive on VALORANT Soon, According to a Recent VALORANT Leak : Valorant Arrival

Valorant arrival

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Valorant Arrival

A competitive multiplayer shooter that is free to play is called VALORANT by Riot Games.

The game’s core is built on tactical shooting and strategic collaboration. Right away, VALORANT’s images are colorful and arresting.

Each agent’s power colors are unique to them. Riot Games also offers animated and vibrant skin packs for purchase.

With each new patch, VALORANT upgrades the game’s skin packages.

The most recent addition to the list was Gaia’s Vengeance 2.0 Skin Bundle, which came with patch 7.07. The Intergrade Skin Bundle had previously been introduced into the 7.06 patch.

If a skin line receives positive reaction from fans, the creators will occasionally rerelease the package with a second edition that maintains the basic idea but adds new weapons.

The addition of Oni 2.0 was made possible by the enormous praise the previous bundle received.

Similar to that, a recent leak suggests that the Minima skin line may return.

VALORANT Minima 2.0 Skin Leak

With patch 2.09, the Minima skin collection became initially accessible.

Opinions on the bundle were split because of how bland it looked.

The designers adopted a minimalistic aesthetic in order to create a skinline that was simple and uncomplicated.

Initial Minima supplies included


Each skin cost 1275 VP, making the bundle’s overall price 5100 VP.

Now there’s a chance the skin package will reappear as the 2.0 version due to a recent leak.

According to VALORANT Leaks & News, a trustworthy source of numerous VALORANT leaks, a Minima 2.0 skin bundle is forthcoming.

Details about the bundle, including its cost and the skins that will be included this time, are still unknown.

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