Is Valorant Harder Than CSGO?

Is Valorant Harder Than CSGO

Bright first-person shooter VALORANT has drawn comparisons to other shooters since its release, most notably Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. It is difficult to avoid discussing the two games because of their many parallels, even though CSGO was released more than 20 years ago.

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Is Valorant Harder Than CSGO?

Even while the majority of players concur that VALORANT and CSGO share many gameplay characteristics, like round settings, maps, and techniques, there is one feature that separates the two titles that many find objectionable: What’s the hardest?

When VALORANT first came out, people immediately compared its use to that of CSGO.

Because of its simplicity, people at the time thought that CSGO relied more on fundamental mechanical skills than VALORANT’s colorful cast of agents with talents.

It was also believed that the maps in CSGO were significantly more complex.

When VALORANT first came out, first-person shooter fans criticized the level designers for creating such simplistic, basic maps that seemed to force players into a small pool of possible strategies.

Conversely, CSGO’s maps have been commended for decades for being complex and limited, with a large number of possible routes and few points of entrance.

What do experts say?

One of the most outspoken and well-respected players on the topic is Michael “shroud” Grzesiek, a VALORANT streamer and former professional CSGO player.

Shroud is capable of taking down any shooter he encounters because of his deep understanding of both series.

Like several players before him, he started off by saying that CSGO is definitely harder than VALORANT. Why is that? In other words, CSGO’s mechanics are more difficult.

Because it takes a lot more work to become competent in the mechanics and aiming of CSGO, pros are often considered the best of the best in terms of accuracy and speed.

Having played both games for a year, Shroud admitted that they are “hard in their own way”.

“CSGO’s tactical depth is incredible. To be honest, but in a different way, [VALORANT] is also really insane from a tactical perspective.

Each presents a different kind of challenge. In September 2021, Shroud said, “Map control is never a given in [VALORANT].

The tactics in [VALORANT] are similar to those of CS, but the approach to map control is very different.”

But Shroud experienced yet another change of heart in the summer of 2022. At this point, Shroud had signed with Sentinels, a top VALORANT squad, despite having previously stated that he was done playing professionally and that he hated playing with pros.

I’m telling you, this game is so much more fun than CS. No pretense is present. It’s a tremendously difficult game, shroud acknowledged.

Despite Shroud’s extreme change of heart, the FPS community has rallied around him. Though CSGO may be the obvious winner in terms of mechanics, VALORANT provides far more depth and expertise.

The influence of skills in VALORANT

This is a result of the distinctive skills that every agent possesses. When it comes to playing with your team, countering their lineup, and remaining aware of their setup, this offers you a lot more alternatives.

There are a ton of other options to think about. You also need to communicate well in order to carry out plans and combos with the agents’ skills.

Much greater adaptation is required as new agents are released.

In the end, it is not appropriate to compare CSGO and VALORANT. Though there are some basic gameplay similarities, the games are quite different from one another.

It would be like comparing Roblox to Minecraft. Similar to how League of Legends and Dota 2 are similar. To put it plainly, each game is distinct.

This holds true for both VALORANT and CS:GO gameplay. As you play the games, you’ll find that there’s a lot of variation in the speed and strategies of gameplay.

In the end, it all comes down to personal preference when choosing a game. Fortunately, we cover both!

If you’re looking for useful statistics on either FPS, or would like to compare how well shroud fared in each game among other things, check out our esports data packages.

Why is CS harder than Valorant?

Why is that? In other words, CSGO’s mechanics are more difficult. Because it takes a lot more work to become competent in the mechanics and aiming of CSGO, pros are often considered the best of the best in terms of accuracy and speed. After a year of playing both games, Shroud admitted that they are “tough in their own ways”.

Is CS:GO one of the hardest games?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is the first-person shooter game that is most well-known. While the gameplay in CS:GO is more complex mechanically than in Valorant, teams may coordinate more simply in the former. Aim and mobility are hard skills to master in CS:GO because the guns have a lot of recoil and are hard to utilize without understanding the pattern.

Is CS or Valorant more popular?

According to, Valorant has roughly 15.5 million monthly players, whereas CS has 32 million.

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