Why Is Valorant Ping So High?

Why Is Valorant Ping So High

Playing a fast-paced, fiercely competitive shooter like VALORANT might be a horrible experience if you have high ping.

Despite advancements in technology, it is still very common for gamers’ performance in online shooters to be constrained by their internet bandwidth.

However, since we’ll show you in this article how to permanently fix high ping in VALORANT, the VALORANT high ping issue is now gone.

If you have ever wondered why your ping is so high in VALORANT, this post will definitely assist.

It is now necessary to permanently fix the VALORANT ping issues in order to improve your movement on the battlefield, spike targets more quickly, and hit headshots with more accuracy.

Let’s not delay any longer in figuring out how to lower ping in VALORANT and eliminate these bothersome issues.

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Why Is Valorant Ping So High?

Let’s describe VALORANT ping issues first and talk about why they are so troublesome.

First and foremost, it’s important to understand the meaning of ping in video games and how multiplayer shooters connect to it.

Ping is only the time it takes for your device to send a command, or “a packet,” to the game’s server. Riot Games will host ping in this instance.

Ping typically takes that long since it is almost always displayed in milliseconds.

It is clear from keeping that in mind that this could be a pretty complex problem.

Your VALORANT high ping while your internet is functioning normally could be the result of a bug in the game itself, a problem with Riot Games, or a connectivity issue between your ISP and Riot’s servers.

Troubleshooting becomes quite difficult, but don’t worry—you may use this method to resolve your VALORANT ping issues.

Like many other operators, Riot Games links players to a global network of “hubs” when they play their game.

Since it makes reasonable that living too distant from one of these hubs would result in longer ping times, this is where most VALORANT high ping difficulties begin.

If it’s the primary cause of your issues, sadly, there’s not much you can do to improve the situation, particularly if you live in a rural area.


We now know that there are unfortunately several possible causes for VALORANT’s high ping issues.

Fortunately, there are a few easy things you can do to reduce ping in VALORANT, all of which we’ve provided here for your convenience.


One of the most basic features of network management is the ability to enable and modify network buffering.

It’s one of the easiest ways to target VALORANT high ping because it essentially changes the “frequency” at which your computer communicates with VALORANT’s servers.

Placing it at maximum will reduce the amount of packets that are sent back and forth between your device and the Riot Games servers, but in exchange, your opponents will be “moving faster,” which will put you ahead.

Combining Network Buffering with more of the ideal VALORANT setups could help you perform better.

While it may not be a guarantee, this is a good first step in fixing VALORANT ping problems.

If that still doesn’t work, you can try changing the DNS server, updating the driver for your network adaptor, or even opening a firewall port through your router.

There are a few network-related things you need take care of before learning how to lower ping in VALORANT.

Finally, if you need any extra help with these parts, think about posting a comment in the VALORANT Subreddit.


In 2023, gamers still don’t realize how important a LAN cable is.

They are essential for PCs seeking the finest connection possible and are among the greatest ways to lower latency and eliminate VALORANT high ping issues.

Wi-Fi connections routinely have issues, and the technology is nearly obsolete in many ways even in this day and age.

Even minor walls can have a significant impact on your Wi-Fi connection, which could lead to a surge in your VALORANT ping.

The solution is therefore the LAN wire that connects your PC to the router.

If you can’t run a wire that far and you live in the same building as your router, you may want to consider powerline adapters.

It’s among the most reliable methods for generating lower ping in VALORANT.


Shut down any running programs and assign VALORANT top priority on your PC.

If your PC is solely focused on VALORANT, it will start to function cleaner and more efficiently immediately.

This will usually cause hardware issues for your computer, such stressing out your CPU or GPU or eating up RAM, but it can also occasionally cause your VALORANT ping to increase.

To finish this set, you must find the VALORANT application and open your task manager.

After then, right-click on it and select “high priority program”; you should see an apparent change straight away.


You will have to pay for this more drastic solution, but trying to resolve VALORANT high ping issues is well worth it.

If your ISP is giving you poor internet service, there is an easy fix, and it involves increasing your current plan.

If you can acquire a better plan, then you really just have yourself to blame if you’re trying to play Valorant on a poor 100 Mb connection.

Most serious players these days—even the best VALORANT pro players—will select a 500 Mb minimum connection when they play games.

The most committed players usually select a gigabit connection or higher, though this really depends on where you live and is usually limited to cities and well populated, centrally placed towns.

Why Is Valorant Ping So High


Do you have a ping of 0 in VALORANT?

No, but we do hope that this lesson will improve your gaming and help you minimize that grating ping as much as possible.

Simply said, there will always be some sort of delay between packets sent to and received from the server, making it impossible to achieve a ping time of zero milliseconds.

It is vital to note that your ping time would still be at least 1 ms even if you were playing on-site at a location where the servers are maintained.

You ought to have been inspired by this tutorial to successfully address your VALORANT high ping issues.

There is no need for you to be suffering in VALORANT if any of the aforementioned statements apply to you.

But remember, it might not be you, and Riot Games might be having problems. Make sure to check status pages, visit social media, and get in touch with Riot Games’ support staff if nothing works.


Ping is essentially the amount of time it takes for your computer to send commands to the game server through communication. The longer it takes, the more it will affect your game. As a result, many players will be attempting to decrease their ping in the game.


In a word, yes! Should your computer take a long time to respond, you can miss crucial plays and kills. Not only does this anger you, but it also annoys the other squad members. Prioritizing the resolution of ping issues should occur before starting the next game.


Thankfully, you can try most high ping solutions at no cost. Fixes that originate from inside your computer, such adjusting the task management priority of the game, are completely free. However, upgrading your internet service could be costly.

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