How To Play Valorant: A Detailed Mac Guide

How To Play Valorant

Valorant can be played on a Mac without voiding your warranty or without any extra third-party software. With Apple Desktop Virtualization, Boot Camp, you can run Windows on an Apple machine. On a Mac, Valorant can be played after installation. The installation process on newer Macs is simple and takes less than twenty minutes to complete. Here’s a quick tutorial on how to play Valorant on the Mac.

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How to Play Valorant on Mac: Requirements


What you need in order to play Valorant on a Mac is as follows:

  • The most recent macOS versions, which can include updates for Boot Camp Assistant. To install Windows 10, you’ll need Boot Camp Assistant.
  • Your Mac startup drive should have 64GB or more of free storage space.
  • A 64-bit ISO or other installation media containing Windows 10 Home or Pro in a 64-bit version.

How to Install Windows to Play Valorant on a Mac?

You must first install Windows in order to play Valorant on a Mac.

1. Verify the Secure Boot configuration.

By default, Secure Boot is configured with Full Security. If you had it set to No Security, change it back to Full Security before installing Windows. After Windows is installed, you can use any Secure Boot configuration; it won’t prevent you from booting straight from Windows. Go to Apple’s official tutorial by clicking this link to confirm the boot security settings.

2. To build a Windows partition, using Boot Camp Assistant.

  • Locate Boot Camp Assistant in the Applications folder’s Utilities folder and open it. As directed by the on-screen guidance.
  • Put your USB flash drive into your Mac if prompted to insert a USB device. It will be used by Boot Camp Assistant to make a bootable USB device so that Windows can be installed on it.
  • Keep in mind the minimum storage requirements from the previous section when Boot Camp Assistant asks you to pick the size of the Windows partition. As you cannot alter the size of the partition after it is created, choose a size that suits your needs.

3. Format the partition for Windows (BOOTCAMP).

Following Boot Camp Assistant’s completion, your Mac’s Windows installation opens. After choosing the BOOTCAMP partition, click Format when the installer asks where to install Windows. The BootCamp partition is typically selected and formatted by the installation automatically.

4. Install Windows

Unplug any unnecessary external devices while installing. Next, click Next to begin the Windows installation, and follow the instructions displayed on screen.

5. Use Windows’ Boot Camp installation

After Windows has finished installing, your Mac opens in Windows and displays a “Welcome to the Boot Camp installer” dialog. Install Boot Camp and Windows drivers by following the instructions on the screen. You’ll be given the option to restart after you’re done.

How to navigate between macOS and Windows

To switch between Windows and macOS at startup, restart the computer and then hold down the Option (or Alt) ⌥ key.

Installing Valorant on a Mac: A Guide to Playing Valorant

Installing Valorant on a Mac

Downloading Valorant and Launching it

  1. Navigate to the official Valorant website and select the option to Play Free or Play Now.
  2. The Installer package will now start to download through your web browser.
  3. Select the download location by clicking on the downloaded file. To install the game, you need to have 8 GB of free space.
  4. After your download is finished, you must log into a Riot Games account in order to login and begin playing.
  5. Once the download is complete, Valorant should open from a new icon on your desktop. You can also start the game by typing “Valorant” into the Windows search box.

Making an ID for Riot Games

  1. Visit the official Riot Games website.
  2. After selecting “Create Account,” you will be sent to the registration page.
  3. To start the registration process, enter your email address and click the Start button.
  4. Enter the necessary information, such as your login, password, and date of birth.
  5. Verify that you have registered.

Can Mac be used for gaming?

With virtual machine emulators and simulators like Parallels and Wine, you can run PC software on your Mac. This contains games without a native macOS version, such as Valorant and Cyberpunk 2077. This is a great use of the power that the M1 and M2 CPUs on your Mac can accomplish.

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