Valorant Enthusiasts Dislike The New Smoke Adjustments In Patch 7.08

Valorant enthusiasts dislike the new smoke adjustments in patch 7.08

Riot is facing opposition and criticism about the new smoke modifications that will be present in patch 7.08.

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Valorant enthusiasts dislike the new smoke adjustments in patch 7.08

Since the premiere of Valorant in 2020, the well-known first-person shooter has seen countless changes, for better or worse.

To help keep the game balanced, maps, weapons, and Agents are routinely updated with just minor alterations.

It’s reasonable to assume that not all changes and additions have been warmly received by the community; at the moment, professional players are criticizing Riot for upcoming smoke changes.

Valorant players with courage can destroy the 7.08 smoke changes.

Astra, Brimstone, and Omen’s smokes will now provide a 1.5 second auditory and visual cue before disappearing as of patch 7.08.

Since then, players have voiced their concerns, and pros have criticized the improvement because they believe it lowers the skill ceiling.

The G2 coach JoshRT stated, “Riot is just following their usual M.O. of lowering the skill floor to make playing at lower ranks more enjoyable and easier.”

Calling out smoke times is still important at the professional level, but it is no longer as harsh.

Others countered this claim and advised the engineers to focus on other problems instead of the improper modifications.

You’re concentrating on the incorrect adjustments, s0m reprimanded. “Fix the Judge first, and then we can worry about the other things.”

According to ScrewFace of Evil Geniuses, the change “feels like we are lowering the skill ceiling for controller players, which sucks.”

ScrewFace also stated his dissatisfaction of the change. He went on to say, “Should be interesting to see how this shakes up gunfights at least.”

“This alteration isn’t one I especially like. Controller players had a distinct advantage since they could anticipate when smokes would fade. According to me, will generally alter a lot of conflicts, said BcJ.

Prior to the 7.08 patch’s implementation on the live servers on October 16th, players can test it out on Valorant’s PBE right now.

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