What Valorant Agent Should I Play?

What Valorant Agent Should I Play

It is challenging to find a role in VALORANT that works for you. Different players will function better in different environments. Together, we can decide which best suits your playstyle.

Every role that a team-based shooter fills has particular responsibilities. To make the most of their abilities, certain video game characters need to have a particular playstyle or attitude.

The most crucial element of VALORANT is always aim, but skills may make or break your rounds, and the equipment each agent gives you can alter the gameplay from deliberate, calm approaches to chaotic, shotgun-wielding leaps above the opposing team.

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What Valorant Agent Should I Play?


Do you like to argue with people in any kind of setting? Do you like fast-paced action and abilities that prioritize finishing tasks and eliminating opponents?

Do you enjoy being the first person to enter a room? If the answer to any of the preceding questions is yes, you are probably a good fit for the Duelist class.

The most proficient players are duelists, and their approach is entirely concentrated: Arrive first to secure the first choice, or strike a bargain that allows your team to score a point.

Unless you’re a young Timmy, you will definitely have the most deaths on your squad even if you have the most kills. That’s appropriate; that’s what a duelist does.

To make place for the team, you take advantage of both successful and unsuccessful fights.

You should definitely still position yourself effectively for an engagement and watch an angle so that you can call a push out to your team, but you might want to think about cutting back on the number of early trades and kills.

You never know if a player brought the entire team to the rush spot or when they could come around on a flank.

You could win that one-on-one match, but only if you make a trade. It is not a fair deal for your team on defense.

Every team might be missing a player, but yours lost a site defender, which might have given the opposition access to the area.

On defense, make use of your amazing mobility skills, just like Jett has. Keep your finger on the mobility ability key to take your shot and get away from danger as soon as you see an enemy.

By doing this, you may notify your team when individuals arrive at B site and their numbers so you can get ready for the upcoming push.

Never give them points for nothing since a one-for-one deal is the most generous kind of exchange.


Sentinels watch over the valiant. They perform well when they employ their strategic acumen and team organization skills.

They are usually the best agent to play if you wish to give the directives. Killjoy, Chamber, Sage, and Cypher are your sentinels.

At first sight, we notice that they are all endowed with abilities that require their survival in order to produce actual value.

In order to give your staff enough time to recover, Cypher can decide to lock down the entire website by himself. With her Mei-like ice wall, Sage may shut down a lane and use her ultimate to heal a single teammate.

Killjoy is excellent at area denial and obstruction, which makes him perfect for holding down a long sightline during defense, even though Chamber is ultimately stronger than Operator.

Sentinels never engage in combat as the initial, secondary, or even third casualty. They serve as the offensive core.

Their equipment doesn’t help them with entry or obstructing lines of sight, and it is too valuable to be lost during the initial phases of the round.

They are most effective when used in defense, where they can make it more difficult for attackers to reach the bomb location, and when deployed, when they block flanks.

They are a great agent to select if you want to be a shotcaller because of their team position, which raises their longevity possibilities.

If they survive the first battle, they can use either Cypher’s trip wires and spycam or Killjoy’s ultimate to change the map to fit the needs of the group.

Their timing will guarantee them a round victory.


Numerous tasks indicated by their name are performed by controllers. They alter the map so that their squad can benefit from it.

As of right now, Omen, Viper, Brimstone, and Astra are the game’s controllers. The one thing that connects them all is their shared smoking habit.

Their primary tool, the smoke ability, lets them obstruct views of potential enemy snipers, bomb sites, and well-liked camping areas before the assault even starts.

With the enemy’s perspective restricted, your squad will be able to win games and lay explosives more successfully.

Regardless of ELO or skill level, each team in VALORANT needs to have a minimum of one controller. A nice present is a competent controller.

There are simply too many ways to be punished in this game, and by forcing the opponent into awkward confrontations or undesirable areas, utilizing a controller may cause them to adjust their tactics.

While each controller plays a little bit differently, they all use smokes and area denial as their two primary tactics.

This is not only a helpful preventive step, smoking are useful even after the bomb goes off.

Whether you use Vipers smokes or ultimate to secure the planted bomb in a green cloud of smoke, or Brimstone’s Molly to prevent defusing the bomb for the five additional seconds you need before explosion.

Although the game gives you one of the simpler kits at first, controllers are quite versatile and every squad wants a great controller.

Because they can obstruct access to the points you are holding, they are equally valuable on defense.

Make potential attackers wait and waste valuable time, or else expose yourself to the risk of letting them see right through your smokes in the hopes of getting lucky.

If you like to plan your strategy ahead of time, make 200iq plays, and annoy your opponent, use one of the controllers.


The initiators, who enter second, are the ones who actually decide whether your aggressive duelists survive or not.

They can shock and flash bang to weaken an opponent in position and offer your team—usually your duelist—the advantage in the first exchange of the round.

They can tell you whether a place is clean and even the exact positions of the enemies for a short while.

They are also quite good at obtaining information for your group. The initiator’s main goal is to get as many team members onto the site as possible.

Breach, KAY/O, Fade, Skye, and Sova are the initiators. As you surely know, if you’ve played VALORANT before, they all work pretty much the same way.

They are guys who can build up plays quickly so that your team can capitalize on them immediately away.

When the team is in the barrier phase and Controllers and Sentinels need further preparation, initiators respond to the demands of the team and try their best to assist them.

Sova can shoot his radar arrow to reveal all the cunning hiding places the enemy found themselves for that round, forcing them to guess; Breach can stun someone camping in a cubbyhole so your team can safely turn the corner and send them to the spectator screen; and Skye can use her dog ability to quickly and safely clear corners so your duelist won’t have to guess.

Moreover, their flashes are erratic, sometimes making a fight win. Just be careful not to make your gang look foolish too!

If you like to play a character who is content to back teammates and work as a team, but is still close enough to the action to take part in it, initiators might be the perfect choice for you.

Which agents have the authority to shoot callers

In most games, you want to select your Agent pool from the Sentinel class, however anyone can be a Shot Caller, with the exception of entrance fraggers.

Sage and Sova are two great options to influence the game. Intelligence-granting characters are essential to Valorant; they should make use of this information to strategize their team’s attacks.

Who is the best Valorant agent to play?

The Most Brave Agents: Crucial Lessons
The top three Valorant Duelists are Jett, Raze, and Reyna.
The two greatest Valorous Sentinels are Sage and Killjoy.
The greatest Valorant Controllers are Omen and Viper.
The two most valiant initiators are Fade and Sova.

What is a good Valorant agent for beginners?

These are the agents with the easiest kits to make sure you not only support your team, but also carry them, depending on what role you want to play on them. The simplest novice agents to begin your VALORANT path to Immortal rank with are Killjoy, KAY/O, Omen, and Reyna.

Which agent should I unlock?

From our tier list, unlock any S-Tier agent. They are all resilient and powerful under any circumstance. It is advised that you make Omen and Reyna first agents.

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