What Should My Sensitivity Be On Valorant?

What Should My Sensitivity Be On Valorant

What Should My Sensitivity Be On Valorant?

DPI (Mouse Sensitivity)

The optimal mouse sensitivity depends on a number of factors. Your mouse pad should be able to swivel 180–360 degrees while playing the game without falling loose.

It is recommended that shooters set their sensitivity at a lower DPI. An 800 or 1600 would be a good starting place. Sensitivity of Pros: In-game aim factors range from 0.35 to 0.45.

When it comes to the factor by which your sensitivity varies when you use the scope on firearms, 76% of professional players have a sensitivity of 1.00. The mean value here is 0.95.

Resolution and graphics options

The first setting in your video settings is the display mode. The majority of pros prefer to use the whole screen here. Any higher resolution will only require more computing power; 1920×1080 pixels is the maximum resolution you should use.

The FPS setting in the “FPS Limit Always” box is set by default to “Off”. You shouldn’t be able to play a game with a frame rate lower than 60. To optimize the performance of your graphics, you can set the “Nvidia Reflex Low Latency” option to “On + Boost” if it is present in your options.

It is advised to activate the graphics settings’ “Multithreaded Rendering” feature. This enhances playability by enabling the game to run on several threads on your computer. For pure performance play, it’s worth lowering all other graphic settings to the lowest possible level in order to obtain as many frames per second as possible.

The “Stats” area may provide you with a range of information about the available processing power, ping, and other connections. Here, you have to decide for yourself what information, if any, you wish to be shown all the time.


It is vital to be able to detect opponents and their sounds in Valorant in order to always get as much information as you can from your environment. Many pros play without the in-game audio because they prefer to run alone or because they don’t like to listen to music. The most important configuration on this tab is the speaker setup. For movement noises to be correlated with their direction of origin, you must set this to “Stereo”.


The crosshair is the most configurable element in any kind of game. Here’s where you can let off steam. However, we don’t want to hide from you who pros are in our crosshairs. Most players aim with a dot, circle, or cross by default. The “Crosshairs” user menu item lets you change the primary and visor crosshairs in a number of ways.

Pro Settings

800 DPI, 0.35 sensitivity Crosshairs
Color: #ffffff White
Summary: Off
Center: Outside of Inner Lines
Display Inside Lines: On
Revelation: 1
4 in length
2 Dickes
2 Thickness
Error in Motion: Off
Error Code: Fire; External Lines Displayed: Off
Error in Motion: Off
Error: Fire: Off

What is the recommended sensitivity for Valorant?

When using an 800 DPI, set your Valorant in-game sensitivity between 0.35 and 0.4375 to fall within the suggested eDPI range of 280 to 350. To play at 1600 DPI, set your in-game sensitivity between 0.175 and 0.219. This is the suggested eDPI range. An optimum eDPI for most Valorant players is between 280 and 350.

Should I use low or high sensitivity Valorant?

Even while the evidence does suggest that lower, preference ultimately wins out. Improved aim equates to more sense, particularly in first-person shooter games like CS:GO and Valorant. Alongside pros, most high elo gamers utilize lesser sense.

What sensitivity is best for FPS?

Less sensitivity is typically preferred in first-person shooter games, however this is primarily a matter of preference. In CS:GO, almost all professional players use a DPI of 400 or 800, while the usual in-game sensitivity is between 1 and 2.

What is TenZ sensitivity?

When playing competitive VALORANT, TenZ uses the following VALORANT mouse settings. 1200 DPI. Zoom Sensitivity: 1, DPI: 240, Sensitivity of 0.3.

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