The VALORANT PBE Patch 7.08 Improves Premier and Adds Game-Changing Smoke Noises.

The VALORANT PBE Patch 7.08

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The VALORANT PBE Patch 7.08

Although patch 7.08 for VALORANT only features a few enhancements, some players could find them puzzling. It is currently available on the PBE.

One of the strangest changes in the patch will shock some controller agents: their smokes now make noises.

Your Premier squad could also need to change some of your match times as a result of Riot Games’ most recent queue changes.

On the PBE, Patch 7.08 will be available starting on Friday, October 13. The only weekend it will be live is this one, and it will finish on Monday, October 16, at 11 AM PT.

The main game is most likely to apply the alterations the following week.

The long-awaited agent bonuses will still be available to Deadlock players, but those that play Astra, Brimstone, or Omen will have something new to get used to.

Their smokes—Astra’s Nebula, Brimstone’s Sky Smoke, and Omen’s Dark Cover—will now produce an audible cue shortly before they disappear.

Just 1.5 seconds before the smoke ceases, there will be a visual and audio cue indicating that the area will no longer be walled off by the smoke.

Some might question the need for this change, even though it seems logical in theory.

The effects of the smokes from Astra, Brimstone, and Omen are similar yet endure for different lengths of time.

While Brimstone’s smokes have some of the longest uptimes in the game at just over 19 seconds, Astra’s smokes last for just over 14 seconds on average.

Inexperienced players in particular may find it difficult to recall these smoke uptimes on instinct, and you run the danger of being caught off guard when a smoke vanishes earlier than you expected.

Why Harbor and Viper, the other two controller agents, won’t have the same sound queue before their smokes go out is an easy question to answer: each of those agents already has a visual and audio cue set up.

You might not have heard Viper over your teammate’s voice contacts, but she will vocally declare via the radio when her smoke is dissipating.

Before it completely disappears, Harbor’s smoke’s impenetrable shield starts to break down.

In addition, an unexpected change to the queue procedure for teams competing in VALORANT’s Premier tournaments is included in the 7.08 notes.

Instead of the prior hour-long timeframe, teams will now have a 15-minute window to get ready and line up. This season’s playoffs will signal the start of this change.

The remaining VALORANT Patch 7.08 PBE patch notes are provided below.

VALORANT PBE Patch 7.08: All tweaks, nerfs, and improvements

General Updates

  • The agent rows on the pick screen have been rearranged to make room for upcoming agent releases.

Agent Updates

  • There will now be a 1.5 second audible and visual cue before the smoke from Astra, Brimstone, and Omens disappears.
  • Teammates can no longer hear the sounds made when equipping an ability.

Premier Updates

  • Instead of an hour, there is now only a 15-minute wait for the Premier Playoffs Tournament. For the entire allocated 15 minutes, your team must establish and maintain a line.

Store Updates

  • For the Player Card and Level Borders user interfaces, a grid system has been enhanced.

Bug Fixes

  • Annihilation Ultimate from Deadlock can no longer access Bind and Breeze.
  • Neon’s Fast Lane ability now correctly extends through the A Door on Fracture when used from outside the door.
  • Due to an audio issue, the music track no longer skips while a map loads.
  • Players who disrupt rated games will now suffer the necessary consequences.
  • The kill banner noises were too quiet due to an audio problem, but it has been addressed.

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