Valorant Patch Notes 7.05 Update Handles Competitive Rank-Increasing

Valorant Patch Notes Update 7.05 Image

Riot Games has published Update 7.05 of the Valorant patch notes, which introduces changes to Astra and several competitive rank limitations.

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Valorant Patch Notes 7.05

The first-person shooter Valorant is undeniably fascinating with its fast-paced gameplay and exquisitely beautiful settings.

Riot Games routinely updates it, with an emphasis on improving gameplay and balance.

The creators of the most recent Valorant version, 7.05, show how they are battling competitive rank rising by adding additional limits.

This is accompanied by the balancing adjustments made to Astra as well as several patch issue fixes.

There has been a wave of competitive rank boosting using bots and actual people, the developer observes.

Users who make use of bots are being dealt with by Riot. We have implemented limits in an effort to prevent this exploitation, the team says.

Ascendant players and higher can only invite players who have themselves earned a platinum level in competitive play or higher

The developer gives players additional assurance by saying, We will keep an eye out for botting abuse and ban any accounts that exhibit this behavior.

Astra will get upgrades in 7.05 in addition to these restrictions.

Riot alleges that the difficult mechanical transition into and out of astral form makes Astra vulnerable to attacks by keeping her oblivious of her surroundings.

Valorant Patch Notes Update 7.05 Image

The devs have altered her Astral Form to give her “back some agency and information, allowing you to react to enemy footsteps and utility you may have missed while in Astral Form” in order to make things a little more equitable.

The good news is further enhanced by Sunset’s inclusion in the competitive mode map rotation. There have also been queue difficulties, audio enhancements and tweaks, and more.

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