Valorant Agent Sets A Terrible Record With The Worst Victory Rate For Seven Months In A Row.

Valorant agent sets a terrible record

A Valorant agent just set a terrible record by having the lowest victory rate for seven consecutive months in competitive Radiant lobbies.

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Valorant agent sets a terrible record

Riot prefers nothing more than modifying agents in Valorant. By providing them significant nerfs or minor bonuses, the devs are making every attempt to change the meta in order to keep things fresh.

But much as in any competitive FPS, some characters may lag behind the meta, sometimes for a long time. KAY/O satisfies this requirement.

As we get ready for Episode 7 Act 3, KAY/O has seemed to be left behind for the previous acts, pouting with the lowest win rate in ranked lobbies.

According to’s tracker, KAY/O has had the lowest victory rate in the most competitively rated lobby for the preceding four acts since Episode 6 Act 2.

KAY/O therefore had the worst victory rate during the previous seven months commencing on March 7.

Throughout the 2023 VCT season, KAY/O received a good number of picks, but they were unable to compete with flamboyant initiators like Skye, instead mostly acting as a pick for specific maps like Ascent where a particular comp was typically employed.

In the 2023 Valorous Champions tournament, Breach, another showy initiator who isn’t quite the meta, had a better pick rate than him because to his subpar pick rate.

The professional scene and ranked lobbies made extensive use of KAY/O when it was released in the middle of 2021, and metas centered around his ZERO/point that could block rivals’ abilities quickly emerged.

But in late 2022, KAY/O experienced severe nerfs spread across two patches, which reduced his success rate. He doesn’t seem to have recovered since then.

However, with a fresh Act and a new VCT season on the horizon, Riot might be providing KAY/O with some much-needed upgrades. All we can do is wait and see.

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