How To Turn Off Profanity Filter In Valorant? (2023)

Toxic players may be found in practically every online competitive game, including CS: GO, Dota 2, and even Valorant.

As a result, most online games have profanity filtering features to cut down on players’ negative chat behavior.

The Explicit Language filter option in Valorant, which is enabled by default to protect new players from harsh situations, can be used to block curse words.

Even though it’s best to leave it that way, if you still want to turn off the profanity filter, you may do so on the Controls page under the Communication settings.

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How To Turn Off Profanity Filter In Valorant?

1. Launch Valorant.

2. Open Settings. Click the Cog icon in the top right corner of your screen.

How To Turn Off Profanity Filter In Valorant

3. Selecting the Controls tab is necessary.

How To Turn Off Profanity Filter In Valorant

4. Decide to choose Communication.

How To Turn Off Profanity Filter In Valorant

5. For text chat, disable the explicit language filter.

How To Turn Off Profanity Filter In Valorant

How to Create a Custom Profanity Filter?

How to Create a Custom Profanity Filter

Valorant improved the profanity filter feature by incorporating a muted word list.

In addition to using the game’s profanity filter, you can create your own list of words that you want to prevent from appearing in the conversation.

You can use your list of muted words alone, or you can use it in combination with the game’s Explicit Language filter to make it even better.

Follow the instructions below:

1. Open Settings.

2. Select the Controls tab to move to the Communication section.

3. Under the Text Chat area, select the Muted Word List option. In the relevant text field, type the term you want to keep out of the chat. muted-word-option.

muted word option

4. Press the Enter key to include the term in the list.

how to turn off profanity filter in valorant

How do I turn off censorship on Val?

Launch Valorant. Head to the Settings Menu. Click on Controls > Communication. You will get an option to disable the chat filter.

How do you show bad words in Val chat?

Launch VALORANT. Go to the Settings menu. Click on Controls and then head to Communications. Turn off the option Explicit Language Filter.

How do I turn off whispers in Val?

To get out of whisper you can just press TAB to alternate between text channels and you will be able to remove the whisper and get back to normal chat.

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