How To Change Valorant Name?

How To Change Valorant Name

While there are occasionally nuances to altering your Valorant username, our guide offers a useful rundown of the procedures needed to alter your name in Riot Games’ first-person shooter.

Even though you are your gamertag, it can be annoying when your preferred username isn’t available in a certain game. Thankfully, Valorant will allay your worries.

Though you might not initially get the name you desire when you sign up for Riot Games’ first-person shooter game, you can change your Valorant username to anything you choose by following a few simple steps.

Therefore, this is a useful instruction that explains how to change your username to 2023 Valorant.

How To Change Valorant Name?

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How to set your Valorant name?

After making an account, the first time you use Valorant, you have to select a display name.

You may select any display name, and if your name isn’t unique, a random tagline will be added. If you still have your original username, the region will appear as your tagline.

How to set your Valorant name

How to change Valorant username?

If you have changed your mind or don’t like the name you chose when you first started playing the game, you can easily change your Valorant name for free by following these easy steps:

  1. If Valorant is open, shut it down.
  2. Enter your Riot credentials.
  3. Go to the Riot ID tab.
  4. Select the pen by clicking on your name, Valorant.
  5. If necessary, choose your new, honorable name and distinctive tagline.

You can only alter your Valorant username once each month, so be sure to input it accurately. After that, you can relaunch Valorant, and it should automatically update.

How to change Valorant username

What is the price of changing your valorant name?

You don’t need to spend a dime to change your brave name. This is probably a bit of a relief for League of Legends or Runeterra players.

The one-month cooldown (and your creative juice) are the only things limiting you from changing your username as frequently as you’d like.

That includes all the details you need to change your brave new name. You still have a long way to go before you can call yourself a Radiant, even if you already have your dream title.

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Can I change my riot username?

How can I modify my username? Visit Riot Account Update to find out if you need to change your username. If you truly need to, you can change it through that portal!

How do I change my riot name for free?

Regardless of the game you play, the procedure to modify your Riot ID is the same:
1. Open the page for your Riot Account.
2. Modify your Riot ID and tag in any way you choose.
3. Press the Save button.

Why can’t i change my Riot name?

Only one change to the Riot name and tagline is permitted per thirty days. If you have updated your information within the allotted time, a notification about this will show up on your account dashboard.

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