Another VCT Pacific Squad Is Holding Open VALORANT Tryouts For The 2024 Season.


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As VALORANT continues to take off and thrive throughout Asia, the teams competing at the highest level of the professional circuit are hoping to uncover the next superstar who is not already a big name.

Gen.G opted to overhaul its squad for 2024 after a respectable but unspectacular inaugural season in VCT Pacific. To this end, open trials are being held for anyone to participate in.

The group is now accepting applications, and it has published a set of criteria that is similar to what other groups have done in the past: Be Radiant, at least 18 years old, and ready to travel while competing full-time.

Open tryouts are becoming more and more common, especially during this specific offseason, among teams competing in the VCT Pacific.

Following the 2023 season, a number of teams, notably Gen.G, ZETA DIVISION, and Detonation FocusMe, held open tryouts.

Even if Gen.G didn’t have a particularly awful season compared to, say, Detonation FocusMe, it probably didn’t live up to the high expectations of one of the leading brands in Korea after migrating to Asia at the outset of the relationship from North America.

The squad started the VCT Pacific season off well, going 4-0, but lost five straight games to complete the regular season with a losing record, just missing out on the Masters and Champions positions.

Team Secret twice defeated them in the Pacific LCQ, ending their season.

Max “Demon1” Mazanov, who later advanced from reserve player to starter to superstar to eventual world champion, was seen by the NA team during an open tryout.

Gen.G wants to build on the success Evil Geniuses had with open tryouts, and so do the teams having open trials.

The likelihood of finding a player with the potential to be the best in the world is slim, but EG’s success has at the very least stoked interest in open trials across Asia.

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