Is Angle Snapping Bannable In Valorant?

Is Angle Snapping Bannable In Valorant

Angle snapping is a function that some mouse models have that helps users draw straight lines more easily. It lessens erratic motions by automatically altering the cursor’s movement.

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Is Angle Snapping Bannable In Valorant?

Generally, the functionality detects when the mouse is about to move in a certain direction or angle and adjusts itself slightly to work.

One prominent feature of the popular first-person shooter game Valorant is its intrusive anti-cheat system.

Gamers are unsure whether this software-related change could result in an account suspension, even though the game does not frequently suspend accounts for unclear reasons like using a software tool.

This article will address whether angle snapping is forbidden in Valorant.

A harsh anti-cheat application called Vanguard bans users for adopting unethical tactics to get even a slight advantage over other gamers.

It has received recognition due to its high detection rate and the absence of cheats in the majority of online matches. Fortunately, angle changing isn’t on the list.

Angle shifting is usually not considered cheating because it can be used for other reasonable reasons.

However, because it provides players who don’t have a proper mouse model an unfair advantage, some games specifically prohibit using it.

Furthermore, Valorant does not have any rules that forbid the use of specific computer hardware or software features.

This implies that any software—aside from those that tamper with the game or anti-cheat files—can be used while playing.

This also protects Valorant from accusations of unwarranted banning.

Angle snapping does not typically provide aim assist, but it does help one aim better by helping to eliminate erroneous motions.

For new users who are still getting used to using the mouse in Valorant, this is especially beneficial.


No, players of Valorant’s cherished first-person shooter game won’t be prevented from using their mouse to allow angle snapping.

On the plus side, it allows them to compete with others, which improves and refines their aim mechanics.

It’s not unfair to some players, but it doesn’t provide any benefits or anything like an aim aid.

Moreover, angle snapping may not be useful to those accustomed to their raw aim because it ignores even the slightest changes in mouse movement.

Players who use this function may also find it difficult to drag their mouse when an opponent changes their stance, which could change the game’s outcome.

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Is angle snapping bad for aim?

Should angle snapping be activated on your mouse, it can see your movements as an effort to create a straight line and ‘correct’ them, resulting in the loss of important headshot opportunities on the sparsely visible pixels of the opponent’s head.

Is angle snapping good for gaming?

During a game, angle snapping can help you stay ahead of your opponent and stop them from diving under or over the ball as they run across the field. For players who choose to play the “twitch” or “flick” firing game style, angle snapping helps guarantee that the line drawn to the target is straight.

Is angle snapping cheating reddit?

No, there ought not to be a problem. It’s not modifying mouse input in response to any game information—it’s just smoothing out mouse movement. If you need to ask this question, the answer is always yes. Why do you wish to cheat?

Does G305 have angle snapping?

To the best of my knowledge, the G305 lacks the “Angle Snapping” feature. However, there are several “crutches” that enable you to use any mouse to take advantage of this capability.

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