How To Plant Spike In Valorant? (2023)

How To Plant Spike In Valorant

To plant or defuse the Spike, based on whether you are attacking or defending, is the main goal of a typical game of VALORANT. Here is all the information you require on carrying, planting, and defusing.

Every round, a unique item known as The Spike spawns on the attacking side. One person may carry the Spike, but it may be dropped or transferred to another player at any time.

A character will also automatically lose the Spike if they die while wearing it.

In a VALORANT game of Standard, Competitive, Swift Play, or Spike Rush, the Spike is the key to victory.

The attackers must plant the spike and protect it for 45 seconds before it explodes, killing everyone nearby, in order to win the game.

If the attackers are unable to plant the Spike before the round is over, the defenders will win.

If the defense can stop the Spike, they will triumph regardless of how many active offensive players there are.

The Spike can be picked up by just running over it when it is on the ground.

This is applicable both at the beginning of the round and each time the Spike is lost as a result of a player dying or being lost on purpose.

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How To Plant Spike In Valorant?

To drop the Spike, you must first navigate to it in your inventory.

The two alternatives open to you are using your scroll wheel or hitting 4 while using the default keybindings.

After selecting the spike, you can release it by pressing G.

If you are shooting at another player when within striking distance of them, it will automatically go into their inventory, just like if you were dropping a weapon.

Valoarnt 2

Planting the Spike

On each map, there are designated areas where you can put the spike. On every map, these are designated as “A Site,” “B Site,” or “C Site.”

When you arrive at the spot, a raised outline on the ground will show you where the spike is.

There are various spots to plant on each map, so you’ll need to decide with your squad which site to attack as a group or if you want to spread out.

Just remember that the defenders are behaving similarly on defense.

When you get to the spot, you must plant the spike. When you are in the zone, the option to plant will display on your screen along with the directive to press and hold 4.

The spike can be planted in exactly four seconds. By successfully planting the Spike, the planter will earn an ultimate point, which will make it easier for them to unlock their online ultimate ability.

Your squad will receive 300 credits for the next round if the Spike is planted. Therefore, even if you won the round via elimination, you should still plant the Spike for the bonus points.

When you’re playing, it’s important to know what is meant when someone mentions “default plant.”

The Spike is frequently planted in certain spots termed as “default plants.” They are viewed as default sites because they frequently:

1.Locations to plant safely

2. Once planted, simple to guard

3. Considering that players defending the Spike have simple lineups

Below are some instances of default flora. The first is on Pearl A Site, whilst the second is on Bind B Site.

Valorant 3

Pearl Standard Plant

Valorant 4

Attach default plant

Defusing the Spike

The default keybinding for defusing the spike is 4, much like planting. The entire Spike defusing operation, with a checkpoint in the middle, takes 7 seconds.

To get to the checkpoint, you need to neutralize the spike for 3.5 seconds. The Spike defusal progress indicator will also show this.

If you manage to get it to the halfway point and stop, you or any other member of your team can carry on defusing the Spike.

If you’re asking why you should stop halfway, there are three good reasons.

1.Attackers still exist.

2. Giving someone else the highest point for defusing is what you want to do.

3. If you keep defusing an ability that is hurled into the spike, it will kill you.

In addition, players will act as though they are defusing the spike by hurriedly initiating a defusal operation and then fleeing without achieving anything.

This is required because, as soon as you start defusing the spike, an audio cue will start to play, and players will use this cue to protect the spike.

They will either assault you using a technique that prevents you from defusing, or they will dart out from their hiding spots to shoot at you.

This can be a bit of a mental game at all skill levels, so you’ll need to learn when to stick it (just defuse) and when to pretend.

VALORANT spike defusal

VALORANT spike defusal

When the spike is totally neutralized, the person who finishes the defuse will get one more point.

If a teammate is only one ultimate point away from their ultimate, it is usually a smart idea to defuse halfway and let them finish the defuse for that final point.

Who Should Hold and Plant the Spike?

Though there are no official regulations on the topic, there are more suited Agents who should carry and plant the Spike in a game of VALORANT.

First of all, Duelists like Neon, Jett, and Reyna should never pick up and carry the Spike at the beginning of the round.

It is the duty of a Duelist to advance and clear a path for the other squad members. It is more likely that you will die if you are the first person to enter a location.

If you possess the Spike, you’ve now made things simple for the opposing team and put the Spike in a very bad situation for the remainder of your team.

Sentinel and Controller agents, like Sage and Viper, are typically the ideal ones to transport and plant the spike.

Sage is a popular choice because she often arrives as the third agent on a site and the additional ultimate points from planting work particularly well on her.

Initiators can also be sensible choices for carrying and planting the spike, with Gekko being one of the greatest due to his ability to plant the spike alongside Wingman.

If your team doesn’t have a clear carrier of the spike, look for someone who needs an extra ultimate point or whose ultimate ability you want to speed up to carry and plant the spike.

VALORANT spike Keybinds

VALORANT spike Keybinds

Changing Keybinds

Finally, here are the steps to change the keybindings on your Spike:

1.Press the escape key or the cog wheel that’s in the game window’s upper right corner.

2. Choose the “Settings” option.

3. After you have chosen the Controls column, navigate to the Equipment category.

4. Swiping down may allow you to locate Equip Spike in the Equipment group. The key by default is 4. After choosing it, enter the new key you want to be bound.

5. Pick a new key and enter its code to bind Equip Spike to it.

6. Repeat these procedures to defuse the Spike keybind under the Interaction group.

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How do you plant spike Gekko?

For Gekko to plant, he must have the Spike in his inventory. To plant a spike, all players need to do is equip Wingman, place their crosshair where they want it to go, and then right-click to launch the monster in that direction as soon as the planting location comes into view.

How do you give someone a spike in Val?

As a result, in order to drop the Spike, people must cycle through your inventory using the number keys or scroll wheel, stare at particular angles, or just desire to drop it to a fellow player. After it has been selected, all you need to do to drop the spike is hit “G”!27.

How do you know where the spike is planted?

How can you tell where the planted spike is?
As a member of the defending team, these are some of the finest techniques to verify where the spike has been set.

1. Sound Plant. When the attacking team plants the spike and places it on the ground, players will hear a unique sound cue.
2. Default positions.
3. Sound cue.
4. Heads-Up Display (HUD) …
5. Agent powers.

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